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Thread: Not sure if I need to do anything

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    Default Not sure if I need to do anything

    So Gabe is 3 years and 9 months. He fully nursed through my pregnancy, slowed down at the very end and then nursed a little bit after Mady was born, but really sort of forgot how, would soft latch for a second and then laugh and pop off, this went on for about the first three months. From that point on he would say that he nurses and not really ask to nurse, he was sort of checking in that it was still acceptable to nurse and I would never really tell him otherwise. However, my family is shocked that I say that it's okay, but I tell them what's the point of saying no to him, he's not nursing, he just wants to say he does and know that mommy still will. The coward in me should follow it up with and I will nurse him if he wants to!

    So at my in-laws on Friday Gabe insisted on nursing, and I allowed it, I was nursing Mady and told himt hat when she was done he could nurse, we have done that in the past but he usually forgets and moves on to something else by that time. This time he insisted, got on my lap as soon as she was done, unclipped my bra and insisted. So I let him nurse. I did have to ask him to stop because I needed to leave and he was okay and genuinely happy. He went in a told my mil that he just nursed and she looked at me with shock, I told her he wanted to and I didn't see the point of denying him when he truly wanted it.

    My question, do I need to do anything, DH seemed a little taken back but not blown away only asked at what point do I say no. That's how I feel too, I don't want to deny him, but then there's the side of me that's influenced by the rest of the world and wnders when do i say no....WWYD?

    As of this moment, I am going to continue how we have been, I see nothing wrong with it but then there's that societal voice that I try and not listen to looming int he back of my head....

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    Default Re: Not sure if I need to do anything

    "I see nothing wrong with it" - there is your answer. If you are OK with it, your kids are OK with it, and your husband is OK with it, what else matters? "Society" is not in your house 24/7, and these are your children to raise and to nurture and comfort. I know it is hard to field remarks and questions even you don't know the answers to, but frankly it is no one else's business. I have a 1yo I am nursing and will continue to nurse until she wants to stop - I have already taken to responding with "that's what we do" when anyone asks - I figure the looks and remarks will only get worse from here. 25 years from now, I will remember the tenderness of nursing my children, will I remember or care what someone said against it?
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    Default Re: Not sure if I need to do anything

    I think you're doing great. If you need linkies, there is, of course, no evidence of any psychological harm to a child who breastfeeds into his third year or beyond:


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    I don't have any great advice for you, but wanted to let you know that we're kind of in the same boat, except that I exclusively pumped for Liam (he's 3.5 now), and he never really nursed. But after his brother was born, he wanted to nurse off and on. Well not really nurse, just kind of suckle. So I let him. And he still asks to this day if he can have "nursies" too. I just started rejecting him because I'm now at the point that I don't feel comfortable doing it. I have no idea why, and I almost feel a little guilty. But anyway, there was a time that we were over at my IL's, and he asked to nurse. And everyone laughed, and MIL said "you're way too big for that!", and it broke my heart. I unfortunately couldn't nurse him at the moment, but I wish I could've just to put everyone in their places.
    So I get the family shock of a nurisng pre-schooler. And I wish people weren't so judgemental about it.
    If you still feel comfortable doing it, then do.
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    Default Re: Not sure if I need to do anything

    Kelly, I'm sure you know that you aren't doing anything wrong by nursing him. At the same time the recommendations on breastfeeding include the mother's comfort by saying "as long as mutually desired by mother and child." If you don't want to do it anymore it's ok to stop. If you feel like it's time, maybe a talk with Gabe about it is in order. Just to see where he is with it and get an idea of his motivation for continuing. Maybe he's ready to stop and maybe he's not, but talking with him about it won't hurt things one way or the other.

    If the two of you do talk about it and you decide that it's time to stop I don't think you should feel guilty about it just because it wasn't his idea. You've done a great thing and given him a wonderful gift by nursing him as long as you have. If you're ready to end that chapter in your lives it's OK.
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    Default Re: Not sure if I need to do anything

    Here is a great article from Mothering magazine that talks about the benefits of nursing your baby past three years old. Sounds to me like you are doing a terrific job mama!!

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    Default Re: Not sure if I need to do anything

    I nurse my 18m old and my 4 1/2yr old. Lots of my family is supportive but others are very negative especially about the oldest child. Fortunitly she is old enouge to understand a lot now and I've explained to her that it's great for big kids to nurse but not everyone understands that. So we don't nurse in front of Grampy or Auntly Val etc. I've never told her she has to lie about nursing or that we should hide it, just that it makes some people uncomfortable so we'll choose to do it somewhere cozy just for us. She loves to nurse and will tell anyone who asks but frankly the people that are not okay with it don't ask.
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    Default Re: Not sure if I need to do anything

    Its really what works for *you* and Gabe--not anyone else. I know its hard sometimes to shut out other people and their opinions, especially when its family, but its up to you and him.

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    Default Re: Not sure if I need to do anything

    isn't it interesting that your toddler decided to actually breastfeed while you were at your in-laws? perhaps he was being your conduit for gently asserting yourself? are there other issues that you desire to let your voice be heard but you have been to meek to express? Just a thought.
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