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Thread: what can I take for a cold??

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    Default what can I take for a cold??

    I am getting a cold - ugh. I feel really worn down (dd is only 10 days so I don't sleep in long stretches and the weather has turned here!). I want to take some natural meds, but I am not sure what to take. I am afraid a lot of garlic will upset her tummy and I don't know what homeopathic stuff is Ok for babes? Or better yet, what is known to be BAD to take during bfing? I don't need any OTC meds at this point, but I'd like to run this junk out of my system before I feel I need to turn to that stuff. Any suggestions??

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    Default Re: what can I take for a cold??

    I know I'm always posting links, but I think this one is really helpful:

    Is this safe when breastfeeding?

    HTH and you are feeling better soon!


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    Default Re: what can I take for a cold??

    My dr told me it is safe to take dimetapp and benedryl i use the childrens though just to be safe

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