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Thread: Car accident 1 day after discharge of mother

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    Question Car accident 1 day after discharge of mother

    My wife and I were on our way to the hospital to visit our premature daughter (26 weeks gestational age) the day after mothers day this year when we were rear ended. This was the day after my wife had been discharged from the hospital from the C-Section birth of our daughter, who is doing great at 5 months old now. Our daughter was born on May 11th of this year, my wife was discharged from the hospital on May 14th (mothers day), and we were hit on May 15th on our way to deliver breast milk to our daughter's nurses.

    My question is this. What are the effects of post trauma stress disorder resulting from a car accident on a lactating mother and the effects of a lack of breastmilk on a premature baby. Unfortunately most of the research I have been able about post trauma stress disorder is linked directly to the birth itself. Complicating the situation is the fact that the insurance agent from the agency of the person who hit us has been attempting to contact us almost every 2 weeks since the accident. Understandably with our daughter coming home in august from the hospital we haven't been terribly interested in talking to the insurance agent with our focus being almost strictly on our daughter, her hospital bills, and returning to work for my wife.

    My wife had a very dramatic drop in her breastmilk after the accident, dropping from about 30cc's each to about 5 cc's at most ever again after the accident. She had no direct medical issues from the accident, but has had some pretty severe headaches and neckaches since then. We weren't sure if it was a bad reaction to the meds given to her during the birth and stay in the hospital.

    We are preparing to approach an attorney and were wondering if there was any information we could bring to the table for the attorney to reduce research costs on the professional's end.

    Is his initial offer of $500 and the secondary offer of $1000 anywhere near the ballpark. We are not out to take the insurance company to the cleaners since this is both my wife and my first car accident and first birth, we are just curious what the effects of a situation like this are on the parents and ESPECIALLY the baby.

    Many thanks

    Justin (Zaxyon)

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    Default Re: Car accident 1 day after discharge of mother

    The first thing that you need to do is get a diagnosis of PTSD...without that you really have nothing to be brought forward. PPD can also wreak havoc on supply, and so can pain (the headaches and neckaches). Sounds like she probably had/has whiplash, and I am not sure what can be done about that now, although a trip to the chiropractor might be a good start. I hate to say it, as I think your family deserves some compensation, but without any sort of diagnosis with your wife there really isn't a case.I hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Wink Re: Car accident 1 day after discharge of mother

    Congratulations on your daughter coming home, I'm happy she is well

    Here goes my advice (it's more like a book)
    I have no knowledge on the PTSD, but I'm sure it is having an effect on her supply.

    I definitely recommend speaking to an attorney. I would locate one that does not collect any fees unless you receive a settlement. Your wife deserves some compensation for her suffering. Have her start seeing a doc for her pain and headaches and maybe start some sort of physical therapy.

    MY DB and I were involved in an accident when I was 37-1/2 wks along. The car was hit on the driver's side and I was a passenger. A couple of days later I started receving severe neck and upper back pain as well as the tension headaches all day long. The doctor took me off of work 11 days after the accident due to this pain. I had a GREAT pregnancy prior to this accident. I had no morning sickness, no back pain, nothing at all. It was wonderful, I just wanted to eat all the time and my feet were humongous I did not want to take any pain medication because I had made it so far along without any troubles, so I just lived with the pain on a daily basis. My family doc didn't want to start any ultrasound treatments or physical therapy until after I delivered and I agreed with him. I am now successfully breast feeding my 9 week old DS and still in pain every day. I still refuse any pain medication. I have been going to physical therapy for three weeks now and it is not helping at all. I have kept in touch with our attorneys this entire time and their advice was to follow the doctor's orders and ask for some other treatment if the physical therapy isn't working. He also said to never mention the word "lawyer" to any doctors.

    If you have any further questions or would like to know a little more about our situation, feel free to private message me.

    I hope this helps you. Please tell you wife to see a doc and hopefully she'll start feeling a little better

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    Default Re: Car accident 1 day after discharge of mother

    She was wearing her seat belt, yes? Did she get a bruised across her chest from it?

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