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    Quinn was born 12 weeks early at 2 lbs 10 oz. He is now at the adjusted age of 1 month. He eats all day long, no exaggeration. He gets the first breast until he satisfied and then always takes the second until he is satisfied with that side. This process takes about 30 to 40 minutes and as soon as we are finished, he is already smacking his lips and waving his hands around for more. I get only 5 to 10 minutes in between feedings. This has been going on for the entire month. He naps for about 2 hours total all day long, and he does not sleep through the night. I know he is getting enough as he is gaining weight and wetting and messing diapers appropriately.

    Any help, feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we are near the breaking point.


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    Goodness...I feel for you. And I'm not sure I can tell you anything to make things better other than hang in there. I will get better...IT WILL! My dd was premature as well (6 weeks). We were in the NICU for one month and when I brought her home she did a lot of the same. She seemed to eat constantly. Maybe your milk supply just isn't completely caught up. Give it a little more time. One thing that made the world of difference for me was co-sleeping. If you aren't doing to, try it. I was opposed to it at first. I wanted her to sleep next to me in a bassinette, but not in my bed. But I have to admit that once I put her next to me and all I had to do was roll over to feed her and could go rigth back to sleep, I started getting WAY more sleep. Also, if you LO is just now at the adjusted age of 1 month, give it more time for him to get more efficient with nursing. Pretty soon he'll be able to feed faster and you won't be spending as much time at each feeding. It really will get better. You're doing great!

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    If you feel like he's had enough to eat, he may just be nursing for comfort. Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with this...but if its not working for you...I'd consider giving him a pacifier. Thats if, and only if, he's got a good latch and you aren't having any nursing issues.

    Shiloh had this intense need to suck...i'm convinced he would have drawn blood if I'd have let him stay latched on all the time. I gave him to pacifier to help and it worked like a charm. After about 3 months, we took it away. He really didn't need it anymore and it was just something that we had to keep up with. We didn't want it to become a bad habit, and he didn't seem to mind to go without it. 2 weeks later he found his fingers and is a happy man.

    You might try it and see if it works for you.

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