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Thread: Clogged Duct! Tried Everything!

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    Default Clogged Duct! Tried Everything!

    It started Friday night after DD was put down for the night. Visibly engorged and pain. I was able to pump 4oz out of affected side, but still no relief. DD woke around 2am for a feeding and completely drained me. Saturday there was no engorgement, just pain in the area. Then today it became worse. Visible engorgement from the 10-2 position. I've tried just nursing on that side (using different positions), pumping, warm compresses, massage, hot shower. Just seems to be getting worse as the day goes by. Luckily no redness or fever. Any other ideas on how to get some relief?

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    Haven't tried that position. Hopefully DD will wake up for a feeding during the night and I can try it.

    Where do you buy those supplements?

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    Try nursing in different positions like pp suggested. Massaging the affected area while in a hot bath and manually trying to express the area can help. Also, keep checking your nipple on that side for any small white spots, they can indicate a clogged pore. Squeezing the nipple can help loosen a plug if you see one. When you succeed the milk will spray out, if you are not in a tub have a towel handy. Since you have had the plug for a while, you may find that you have several plugs that will need to pass. So if the area only partially drains, keep working at it.

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    this is what i do when i have clogged ducts:
    Prepare a handy empty bottle, usually about a size of cough syrup, fill it with hot water, make sure it is hot enough for you to handle. Roll the bottle gently on the affected breast. replace the water if it's not that hot anymore. Repeat the process until you feel the lump is soft, massage a little and try to express the milk with hands, not pump.

    I heard putting a cabbage leaf on the affected side also helps. the leaf is supposed to drain the milk from the clogged ducts. I have never tried it myself though but they say it can help.
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