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Thread: When did your LO start "nursing" their toys?

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    Default Re: When did your LO start "nursing" their toys?

    I had never really thought about this until I saw this post. I thought the stories were really cute and funny, but didn't guess my lo would ever do that. He is 26 months old.
    Well a couple days after Christmas we were visiting with family and my son was holding a little stuffed animal-a lamb. He was cuddling it close to him and gently patting it with his hand. I asked "Is he going night-night?" He said "He havin' mum-mum"
    This week we have been weaning at night which has been kind of hard on him. One after noon he was cuddling his puppy dog puppet and he informed me "He have mum-mum." A second later I saw look sympathetically into the puppy's face "No, you can't have mum-mum" he said sadly. Made me feel sad too Very cute though!

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    Default Re: When did your LO start "nursing" their toys?

    These stories are adorable! I completely agree with Rebecca about why this all occurs. It is so sweet to see how much nursing really means to our los! DS started bringing me toys to nurse at about a year and around 15 months he started nursing his bob the builder...he nurses all sorts of toys now. He has a baby (the one he's nursing in my avatar) that cries and he pushes her belly to make her cry and then nurses.

    The funny thing is that a couple months ago at a LLL meeting I was chatting with some friends after and tried to show this talent off. I asked him what we do when his baby cries and handed him his doll...he hit her in the head ! Serves me right for being a show off!
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    When my son was 5 months old we were at a family gathering. My sister's youngest, who was still nursing himself at about 27 months, said, "I nurse baby Isaac," and he pulled up his shirt to nurse our 21 pound 5 month old. It was hilarious!

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