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Thread: dense breast tissue and gas issues

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    Yes, sometimes she can get a good grip and 10-20 min on one breast is what she normally does. She will usually decline the second breast but not always. But I would say only 1 feeding a day is this way. The others are 3 minutes of this kind of sucking then she releases. I latch her on again and again until we get 15-20 minutes of sucking or she tires out, whichever is first. I will say I have gotten frustrated to the point of letting her attach incorrectly even though it makes me a little sore just so she is't so frustrated.
    Also I have found that she will latch on better if I let her go longer between meals. All the literature says 2-3 hours but if I wait 3-4 hours I don't have to fight with her so much and she is much more eager to eat, opens her mouth wider, and sucks longer. I just started letting her go this long because she has been gaining weight so well. I hope I don't mess that up.

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    Hmm. Some babies that I have seen that do similar things are trying to cope with a fast letdown and/or oversupply. They don't want to latch on deeply or they clamp down because they are trying to slow the flow. They may also nurse for shorter periods of time than typical, and gain weight quickly Take a look at this page and see if it sounds familiar:


    Even if you don't "figure this out" it sounds like she is happy and gaining weight well, and you have found a pattern that works for both of you. Following what she is telling you is usually a good thing! Every nursing couple has their own rhythm, and as long as both of you are happy, nothing needs fixing. :-)

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