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Thread: gas gas gas-already tried no dairy-ahh!!

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    Default gas gas gas-already tried no dairy-ahh!!

    My beautiful 9 week old son has had gas issues since 2 weeks old. The doctor checked him out, no problems there. I went off dairy and dairy proteins for 5.5 weeks, no change. I give him gripe water and gas drops and homeopatchic colic/gas tablets constantly and yet he still is full of gas.

    He wakes himself up from naps and sleeping w/ cries of pain. Spends 50% of his nursing time fussing off and on the nipple. Although it is his favorite place to be~

    I have elevated him when feeding and burped him frequently during feedings. I don't eat broccoli etc, caffeine, corn, garlic.

    I need HELP! Poor guy hurts and nothing seems to help. And I'm worried that he has not gained weight like he was initially. He is gaining but not in the same percentile. And all these gas drops and gripe water can't really be good for his tummy in the long run, right?

    Anybody have an idea?

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    Default Re: gas gas gas-already tried no dairy-ahh!!

    My son also had issues with gas; he is now 3 months old. We tried the mylecon drops, gripe water; he also has GERD so we bought a wedge pillow to keep him at a 30 degree angle. I noticed that when he stopped eating every 1 to 1 1/2 hours and started going about every 2-3 hours the gas seemed to decrease.

    I also did tummy massaging in a clockwise motion to aid in digestion and the movement of gas. I also would gently bring his legs to his belly and boy did that get results!!

    How often is he nursing? Are you using a pacifier? Sounds like you've tried about everything I did...not sure, but hope this will help:



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    Default Re: gas gas gas-already tried no dairy-ahh!!

    hi there...welcome to the forum and congratulations on your little one!

    the only advice i can offer will (hopefully) ease your baby's gas pains, but they won't make the gas go away...

    have you tried laying him across your lap for a while? the pressure on his little tummy may help with the gas pains. also, try bicycling his legs. another thing to try it to fill a bottle with warm water and place the bottle on his tummy (over his clothes)...the warmth sometimes helps gassy tummy pains.

    we used to use colic-ease gripe water with our daughter when she had gassy pains. we don't use it as much anymore...maybe once or twice every couple of weeks, when she has bad gas pains.

    i'm not sure what else to tell you...since you've eliminated everything in your diet that causes gas in babies.

    good luck!
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