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Thread: Wife Sick / Baby has diarrhea now...

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    Default Wife Sick / Baby has diarrhea now...


    My wife breastfeeds our 3 month old daughter. Last night my wife started to experience upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. We are not sure, but we think that it may have been something that she ate. This morning she still feels the same.

    Our daughter usually has 1 bowel movement per day. Sometimes 2. Yesterday, my daughter had a normal daily bowel movement around 5:30pm. During the night, (around 3am) after my wife breastfed her, our daughter experienced a very lose watery bowel movement. When we woke up this morning, she had another one. Then, within the next 4 hours, she had 2 more small, watery bowel movements.

    It appears as though my wife passed whatever she has to our daughter.

    Should she continue to breastfeed her?
    As I mentioned, my wife is still feeling the nausea, diarrhea.

    What can we do for the diarrhea?

    Thank you...

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    Yes, she should still breastfeed. Here's a link with the why. http://www.kellymom.com/health/illness/mom-illness.html Hope everyone feels better soon.

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    The best thing for your baby right now is that precious breastmilk. LLL's site states:

    Mothers have breastfed their babies through a variety of illnesses, from colds and infections to chronic conditions including asthma and diabetes. Your baby is exposed to any illness you have before you know you are sick. One of the beauties of human milk is that when your body makes antibodies to combat an illness, these antibodies are passed directly into your milk, giving protection and disease-fighting abilities to your baby, too.

    Here is a little info on nursing a baby who has diarrehea:


    Part of this article states, "Frequent and loose stools in a breastfed baby is not necessarily diarrhea. Here is more information on normal stooling patterns for breastfed babies: What Are Baby's Stools Supposed to Look Like? Diarrhea in a breastfed baby is diagnosed when a baby has 12-16 stools per day (or more often than the baby's regular stool frequency), watery stools, and an offensive odor to the stools. Just one of these symptoms does not in itself mean the baby has diarrhea.

    Hope mom and baby get to feeling better soon!!

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    Default Re: Wife Sick / Baby has diarrhea now...

    Yes, she needs to breastfeed!!!

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    Keep breastfeeding!

    It is my understanding that food poisoning is not transmitted through breastmilk. It is more likely that your wife has a stomach virus and that your daughter has caught the same virus.

    The breastmilk will keep her hydrated during a diarrheal illness better than anything else could. The antibodies in the breastmilk are helping her fight off the virus. The simple act of nursing is helping comfort her when she feels crummy.

    Watch for signs of dehydration until the diarrhea stops (reduced urine output or dark/smelly urine; skin not springing back after a light pinch on the back of her hand; soft spot on her skull looking sunken; absence of tears if she used to make tears when crying.) If she's staying hydrated and has no fever, then things are fine and the diarrhea won't harm her. KEEP NURSING!! (Sorry to shout, but even now we sometimes hear of doctors advising against breastfeeding in this situation, and they are simply wrong.)


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    Yep, I agree, keep up the good work. I know my dh had to bring the baby to me at around that same age while I had a HORRIBLE stomach bug for three days. I couldn't get up all I did was go to the bathroom, URGHHH TMI SOrry. He would bring her into me and then come and get her. She didn't experience ANY of the sickness, however the rest of the family did. I would def. keep breastfeeding, your baby not get it for as long, and as they have said precious bm is the best for her!!

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