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Thread: thumb sucking and drooling

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    Default thumb sucking and drooling

    Wondering why-after some time after feeidng (15-20 minutes) he starts suckking or trying to suck on and off.
    and he drools in between feedings during the day.
    is this sign of insufficinet feeding or something to worry
    i dont wat him into a thumb sucking habit.
    does he need more or comvfort sucking?he sucks 5-7 minutes only on one breast in each feeidng-8-12 feedinsg per day
    our son born dec 15 (mentioining to indicate his age)
    thanks in advance for hlep,

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    Default Re: thumb sucking and drooling

    Babies and young children have a strong need to suck (some more than others!) Especially if he is a very efficient nurser who doesn't spend much time at the breast for feedings, he probably needs to do some sucking on something in order to feel soothed and happy.

    What to let him suck on is sort of a controversial question. Some parents object to pacifiers, some to thumbs, some to comfort sucking at the breast. Pacifiers can lead to nipple confusion, although I believe in a 2mo this is less of a concern. Thumb-sucking can cause misaligned teeth, but then again I hear that nearly everyone needs braces anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter.

    Comfort sucking at the breast doesn't carry any of these risks, but it can get wearisome for mom if it's nonstop. On the other hand, doing all his sucking at the breast is a great way to ensure that your milk supply keeps up with his growing demand.

    I think the drooling is not a sign of hunger or any unmet need. Babies drool, especially when they are teething.


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    Default Re: thumb sucking and drooling

    I think the salivary glands start functioning after a few months. My DS has been a drooler since about 3mo. LC and pediatrician say it's a sign of a good hydrated baby.

    I happen to prefer thumb-sucking to the pacifier. Putting the pacifier in for DB can get tiring until they learn to find it and put it in themselves (~5-7mo). Thumb is much easier and you never have to worry about losing it!

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    Default Re: thumb sucking and drooling

    Maybe teething? My ds always drools more and has his hands in his mouth all the time when he is teething. How about providing a teething ring?

    I also agree that I would prefer thumbsucking to pacifier. It can't fall on the ground and get dirty, is easier to find in the middle of the night, and tastes better. Additionally, if sucking needs are satisfied in infancy, most children out grow thumbsucking. And you don't have to worry about braces yet-- it doesn't affect the child orthodontically (spell?) until about 3 or 4 years old. By that point, the habit will most likely be broken.
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    Default Re: thumb sucking and drooling

    Sometimes in the night ds wants to suck just to suck and it would be nice if he could suck his thumb so that we could all get some more sleep. I think that God gave babies thumbs for many reasons but one to suck for comfort. I think that society has made it unacceptable to use the God given thumb but ok to use a plastic paci?

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    Default Re: thumb sucking and drooling

    I also agree that thumbsucking seems to be a more natural way for a baby to comfort himself rather than using a pacifier. When my lo started to suck his thumb (at the begining it would be his whole hand, then a couple of fingers and it was really funny to watch) I was happy to know that he found his own way to comfort himself without my help.

    But now I have a question some of you may be able to help me with....
    During the day he sucks his thumb very little and for short periods. But in the middle of the night his thumbsucking is so hard that it wakes me up. It feels like he's nearly hurting himself. I watch him, he has his eyes closed, and sucks very hard, then gets agitated after a few minutes and swings his arms against the mattress (in his cot).
    I feel pity for him and think it's a sign of hunger and feed him.
    Do you think I should wait longer? Sometimes I wait 20 mins and it doesn't get better...
    Any suggestions?
    I'm worried about getting him used to be fed to sleep and delay him sleeping through the night. (He bottlefeeds and drinks about 4oz, so I thought it can only be hunger...)

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