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Thread: White Nipples

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    My lo is 5 mo old and I am an exclusive pumper by day and a breastfeeder by night (when he is too drowsy to realize that he is bf). The last four days or so I have noticed a thick white/yellow crusting on my nipples. They are not painful in any way. My lo does not have thrush, however since I have noticed this crusting he refuses to bf in the middle of the night. Is this yeast? Are they blisters? I would think if they were blisters they would hurt. ???? I am curious to see if anyone else has had this and what they have done for it. I am also anxious for my lo to bf in the middle of the night again. Thank you in advance.

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    I think yeast or blisters would be painful. This could be another type of skin problem or possibly even a bacterial infection (although it seems odd that there would be no pain with it...)

    You might consider seeing an IBCLC about this; they have access to more specialized sources that deal with the less common problems that can derail a breastfeeding relationship. At any rate, I suspect a visual examination is going to be needed to make an accurate diagnosis.

    Good luck -- I hope you can get this quickly and effectively treated so you and your baby can resume breastfeeding!


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