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Thread: baby won't take a bottle -- pls. help

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    Default baby won't take a bottle -- pls. help

    My 3 month old daughter, who is in the 97th %ile in both weight and height, has refused to take a bottle since week 6. We have tried everything from different bottles/nipples to having daycare staff work with her (2 trial runs). At daycare they said she drank 1.5oz in an 8 hour period -- not good.

    Anyway, I need to return to work tomorrow (3 full days a week) and the idea of leaving her is killing me but I have no choice. Do you have any recommendations?

    Also, can how often I should pump in order to keep my milk supply at it's best. Should I be concerned that my milk supply will decrease being that I will be pumping rather than nursing on those days? My daugbter nurses approximately every 2-3 hours.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: baby won't take a bottle -- pls. help

    Have you tried using a small cup (the size used to give medicine) to feed her? Is that an option at daycare?

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