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Thread: Had to leave workshop, no place to pump!

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    Default Had to leave workshop, no place to pump!

    Hi all mamas,
    Today I went to a workshop. I was suppose to be there from 8-6. When I got there I asked if there was a spot that I could go to and privately pump. They told me they closed the staff room to the public and I was told I could use the bathroom. Well the bathroom smelled and there was no place to put my things down. They said I could go downstairs where there were windows everywhere and the entrance to the place. I was not willing to be half naked wondering if someone would walk in at any minute or see me from the street! I had to leave since it I could not pump anywhere. They said I most likely won't get my money back. Can anyone give me a link to the new breastfeeding law? The same workshop is coming at a different location and I would like to attend BUT at no extra cost! I am ready to fight for this one! I don't like to but I feel like they need to know the law and some people just don't!
    Thanks for all of your help in advance.
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    Default Re: Had to leave workshop, no place to pump!

    Yeah, I think if they told you that you could not pump at all, that would be breaking the law. You have the right to pump anywhere (I believe in most states) whether it's private or not. Understandably not everyone is comfortable pumping in a public place though.

    Were you required by your employer to attend this workshop? That may be different...

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    Default Re: Had to leave workshop, no place to pump!

    Have you considered writing to the local/trade papers (or just threatening to). It can be suprising just how co-operative people can be after a bit of negative publicity.

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    Default Re: Had to leave workshop, no place to pump!

    i have to go to workshops lots of times, and sometimes they do have a private place, sometimes they don't. I assume that they wont and bring the adapter for my car - and usually end up pumping there anyway if the place is unfamiliar so i don't have to spend time getting all up in a bunch about setting up somewhere.

    That said, I would sincerely hope that they'd let you attend the part of the seminar you missed because of this, even if there is no law. I get so annoyed with my boss who reminded me that we had less than 50 employees, so were not required to adhere to FMLA. I would just hope in the interest of supporting families and breastfeeding and healthy babies that folks would choose to. That may be idealistic.
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