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Thread: So, so distracted...

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    Hi All,

    I'm new here and have gotten many answers to my breastfeeding questions by reading through the forum, but I've come across an issue that i can't figure out how to solve.

    I have a 5 month old son and we've been through our share of nursing problems, and just when I think we've got it figured out, we have come upon another challenge. He is so, so, so easily distracted. Not at every meal, but probably more than half. He'll eat for about fifteen seconds, and then pull away while still latched on to look around the room...and this is at home where there's nothing going on! I can't imagine what he would do if we were out and about. Sometimes he does this through the entire meal and not only does it HURT, but it takes us forever to do a feeding (and sometimes a bunch of my milk will get wasted because he's pulling away and off with a mouthful of milk). He even does this when he's hungry, which is frustrating because after he does this like 10 or 15 times i'll put him down, but then he'll cry because he's still hungry. AHHHHH!


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    My 7 month old baby boy is just as distracted. For us, movement helps. I have started rocking my body while he is attached. Sometimes I will even stand up and sway while I nurse him. It can get hard on my back but at least it helps to get him to eat.
    I have also heard of nursing necklaces. It is something you wear that your son can play with while he nurses. You could even make one if you wanted. You could google them. I haven't tried this with my son. I figure he would just unlatch and play instead. Also, talking to to him might help because at least you keep the focus on you and not on your surroundings.
    Others might have better ideas. It is definately a fun stage you are entering but it can be a bit wearing trying to get a busy baby to eat. Good luck!
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    He's at the development stage where the world is interesting!! When he's distracted, try to remove the distractions (i.e. turn off the tv, radio, put the dog in the other room, etc.) and try to entertain him yourself (i.e. singing, rocking, talking, nursing necklace, etc.). Luckily it's just a stage. You'll do fine Momma.
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