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Thread: 4 month old eating more than i produce

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    Default 4 month old eating more than i produce

    My son was born 9 lbs 3 oz. He is now 4 months at 18 lbs. & about 27 inches long. The doctor said he is a big boy & looked at him & said, "somebodys gotta be the big boy right?"
    So how do the mothers with the "big boys" keep up with their appetite?
    I've recently had to start him on baby food (he ready for it) to fill him up better, he will eat about 4-6 oz of milk then a 2 oz jar of apple sauce or sweet potato like a champ and usually want more milk after. hes eats about every 3-4 hours still which is why i pump every 3 hours! It's taking up SO much of my time. I usually pump about 6 oucnes or so from both breasts, i'm trying EVERYTHING to up my milk supply. Any suggestions? Is this just a growth spurt??

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    Default Re: 4 month old eating more than i produce

    are you exclusively pumping? Nursing at all?

    4 months is really early for solid foods. what is his diaper output per 24 hour period? My thinking is that you are misinterpreting things he does/fussiness as a hunger cue. It is normal for a baby that age to eat 12x per day so I don't think it's a hunger supply issue if diaper out put and weight gain are tracking.

    Also if you are bottle feeding, he drinks the whole bottle because if he doesn't he will choke! I just don't see a supply issue

    PS I had a 10 lb baby and a 24 lb six month old...exclusively BF
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    Default Re: 4 month old eating more than i produce

    im pumping at work and the days he stays at my moms. the doctor said the food i was giving him was fine only if he knew how to eat them.
    as for his diaper output, i change him as soon as hes wet, so i would say over 6 per day. I look for smaking of his lips or his dry cry (usually in the morning when he is really hungry) to feed him but as for the feedings he gets at grandmas house its very hard to monitor or control. He is a really good baby, he doesnt cry, no colic, always smiling and doesnt really get fussy and sleeps through the Whole night.

    if we take the bottle away before he is done, he lets out this loud high pitched scream ...and gets very upset.

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