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Thread: Should I be worried?

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    Default Should I be worried?

    Here's the background:
    DD born on 7/14/10 (39wks)-7lbs 7oz
    Came home 7/16-7lbs 2oz
    1st Ped appt 7/29-7lb 8oz
    Weight Check (per ped) 8/5- 8lb 3oz (nursing and supplementing with formula)
    2 month appt- 9/8- 9lb 11oz (nursing, EBM and occasional formula)

    The doctor was happy with where we left off so I stopped the formula all together. Just have been nursing and occasional EBM (if I'm out or just want a break). But my mom keeps telling me how small DD is, so I went and bought a scale. Weighed her this morning and she is 10lb 14oz. When I go to the growth chart and do the calculator it puts her at the 3rd percentile. Her output seems fine and she's happy. Should I be worried? I've been stressing about it all day!

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    Default Re: Should I be worried?

    If she is happy and active, has regular wet and poopy diapers, your supply seems fine and she has no other signs of health problems, then I personally would not worry.

    What growth chart did you look at? Be sure to check the WHO (Word Health Organization) chart for the most accurate index, as some others rely on information about formula fed babies in the US, which really changes the numbers.

    But ultimately, the charts are just a guide -- if a baby is doing well otherwise, there is no reason to fret over size.
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    Default Re: Should I be worried?

    with the PP. 3 additional thoughts:

    -Concerned grandmas aren't a great source of neutral advice.

    -Babies look small because they are small. And people rapidly forget what size to expect from a baby of x number of weeks/months. I've had people ask me if my gigantic, 99th %ile baby is a preemie, because she looks so small!

    -Baby weights should always be done nude, using the same scale as last time. If you're concerned, take her to the doc. The home weight isn't really comparable to the weights taken at the doc's.

    How old is your baby now?

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