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Thread: All of the sudden constant crying!

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    So my little one is 9 months old. This weekend she started being extra fussy which is so unlike her and nothing helped. I went through the whole routine, eat, diaper, fever, tylenol, mylacon, teething medicine, etc. Finally, i fed her again and she was ok. But I mean 30 minutes at a time, uncontrollable and can not be comforted. She was pushing me away and if I put her down she would cry harder. She is wanting to eat every 1.5 hours, is this ok? Is she going through a growth spurt. I am just so concerned and heart broken because she can not tell me what is the matter. We just went to the doctor recently for a viral infection but she is no longer running fever. I feel that something is wrong but the doctor's say she is fine. Am I doing something wrong? Please moms' help me out....

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    It's tough when you don't know what's wrong and you can't even comfort them It could be many things - teething, sickness, growth spurt, new milestone, etc. Is she in the middle of learning something new? Is she eating solids? Could be something she ate Is eating every 1.5hrs more than normal? Could be growth spurt. How's her sleeping? Maybe over tired?

    So many 'could be this' 'could be that'... It'll work out

    on bfeeding 9 months! Keep up the good work Momma!

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    How are things going? I missed your post at the time you made it, but did you have her ears checked since the crying began?
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    yup my guess would be ears too... Sometimes even when they are older they cann't label ear pain. cause it just hurts all over.

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