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Thread: Over Supply? Over Active Let Down? 11 week Old with Digestive issues

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    Default Over Supply? Over Active Let Down? 11 week Old with Digestive issues

    I apologize for this long post. I'm wondering if anyone can help with my on going saga. About six weeks ago my daughter (then five weeks old) started spitting up excessively - really throwing up with that smell and all. After it happened for a day or so i went to the ped and she had lost 4oz from the week before and there was blood in her stool (she has been in the 80th + percentile in weight since she was a week old). The doc suggested a food allergy and took me off dairy, eggs, corn, tomatoes, nuts, and other gassy foods. The next week it was even worse, so they put her on Zantac (which seemed to help for a few days and then stopped). Each week I brought in a stool sample to be tested for blood and if none was present, I added back a food to my diet. For three weeks there was no blood and her symptoms seemed ok, somedays great others really bad. On the bad days, she would fuss while eating and pull herself off my breast while crying and at the same time signaling that she still wanted to eat, but wouldn't latch on. Sometimes her vomit seemed a bit projectile and she suffered from bad gas. At this point, I emailed a La Leche League volunteer as I didn't know what to do. She was amazingly helpful and suggested I had a over supply issue, a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance and a forceful let down. After reading about this, I realized that she was right. I had thought some of this was just normal - silly me. She had all the symptoms (but not the green bowel movement). So for the past two weeks, I've been trying to fix this issue. It has been difficult as some nights she is waking up every two hours to eat, others she sleeps for two five hour periods. Some days she eats like shes going through a growth spurt, others not as much. Last week, it got really bad again (without my diet changing). I was so frustrated that I took her to a pediatric chiropractor who performed an allergy test and told me my daughter was allergic to my breast milk, but she could fix it. That night we weighed my daughter and thought that she had not gained any weight in a week, so we called the ped who told us to bring her in. We went saturday. She had in fact gained 6 oz in 8 days - our scale at home must have been wrong. But again, there was blood present in her stool. It was only a very small amount, but it hadn't been there in four weeks. The ped told us too that she was allergic to my milk. He told us it was minor and that I could continue breast feeding, but that she needed to go on hypoallergenic formula for five days so her tummy could heal and then we'd go back to breast feeding as she is gaining weight and a very happy baby. I was devastated that i had to stop breast feeding (I cried in his office), but as it was only for 5 days i was willing if it would help her. In 11 weeks I had only ever given her breast milk, so she absolutely refused to drink the formula. We tried to get her to drink it for five hours and then gave in and breast fed. The last two days, I've been crazy about controlling my flow and making sure she is not getting a deluge of fore milk. But my breasts continue to spray out of control on let down - even the second and third time. I have read everything possible on the topic and have tried all suggestions and do not know what to do? Also, could her breast milk 'allergy' be a foremilk/hind milk imbalance? Any thoughts or suggestions? I feel awful that eating has been so unpleasant for her. I just want to fix this mess. I was thinking of calling a pediatric GI doc today? Also, will this issue pass or will my daugther grow out of it? Lastly, (and not at all important) how do I add a pic to my profile? I think all of yours are so beautiful! Any advice is very much appreciated. Sorry again for the long mail.

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    Default Re: Over Supply? Over Active Let Down? 11 week Old with Digestive issues

    awe you've come to the right place there are lots of helpful moms around that have delt with the same issues so don't think for a second your all alone.

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    Default Re: Over Supply? Over Active Let Down? 11 week Old with Digestive issues

    I would definitely recommend seeking the input of a pediatric GI specialist. There are far more things than allergies that can cause spitting/vomiting and blood in the stool, and even if you don't decide to go through a lot of testing to figure it out, you might find it helpful to at least have the input of a specialist in order to better understand what the possibilities are and how to decide whether to explore them further.

    It would be very surprising if she was actually allergic to your breastmilk -- any allergy that may be present is more likely to something IN your breastmilk. If you feel like allergies are likely at play, I would go to the allergy forum here and give the brilliant ladies there the details about all the foods you eliminated and what happened/didn't happen -- being as specific as you can about the foods themselves, because there are an enormous amount of allergens hidden in commonly consumed foods (especially dairy, soy and corn). You might also ask them about gluten.

    I would also suggest finding your local LLL meeting place and getting in touch with your local LLL leader to help guide you through the overactive letdown challenges. Having a real person to sit with and hash it all out can make a HUGE difference.

    Finally, I just offer you my virtual because I spent a long time feeling like I was perhaps poisoning my son with my breastmilk, as he screamed and puked and arched and just generally freaked out. It felt awful. Breastfeeding, however, has turned out to be, literally, a life saver for him... Hang in there...
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    Default Re: Over Supply? Over Active Let Down? 11 week Old with Digestive issues

    So many variables can be the culprit.
    are you exclusively breastfeeding? from the breast not from a bottle?
    does your LO take vitamins?
    Does your LO suck a pacifier?
    There is no scientific evidence for diagnosing an infant to be allergic to the mothers breastmilk. Proteins do not cross into the breastmilk easily.
    If you are allergic to a food and your body produces hystamines those human protiens do pass into the milk. you would know if you are allergic to a food b/c you would get a runny nose, swollen lips, runny bowels etc....
    so i would say go see a noenatal gastroenterologist. foul smelling vomit from an exclusively breastfed baby is uncommon.

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