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Thread: Milk supply adjustment?

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    Default Milk supply adjustment?

    My 7 mo DD went through a nursing strike about 6 weeks ago that was off and on for a month. I pretty much exclusively pumped where I was able to get nearly 8-9 ounces off one breast and build a pretty good supply. Now that I have her nursing regularly again in the evening, but still pumping due to old fashion infant distraction during the day, I have noticed my supply has dropped sharply. I average about 4oz a breast which is what she takes normally, but I feel like I cannot keep up now. (I lost supply on one side due to mastitis)... I expected my body to adjust when she started nursing again, I am just concerned because of the low amount I yield now and how often she is hungry.

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    8-9 oz from one breast is a huge amount of milk. I mean HUGE. 4 oz is actually quite good! Many mamas yield much less per pumping session. But if you want more, this link covers how to get it: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

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