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Thread: New here... questions about nursing after solids

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    Default New here... questions about nursing after solids

    Hi ladies. This is my first time on here. I have a few questions regarding milk production. My daughter (first baby) is almost 10 months old. I've been determined to nurse her at least until she's one and we've gone all this time with fair success. I work full time (had to go back when she was 3 months old - hardest thing in my life to do). While I'm away at work from her, I pump in the morning and afternoons and I am lucky to be able to head home at lunch and nurse her. I have always been able to provide just the right amount of milk. ..........but.......

    Lately, I can't seem to pump enough milk for her and when she nurses it seems to be for shorter periods (maybe that's just b/c she's interested in what's gonig on around her?). We've been trying to introduce her to more solid foods and a variety of foods. This has been great as she loves to eat and experimenting with home made foods has been great fun. Last week she did get her first bug and had a fever so her appetite wasn't very big. Her meals while she was sick were mommy's milk in bottles when we were apart and nursing when I was with her. Beyond that she didnt' want to eat anything. She's feeling much better now and for the last week....... I haven't been able to keep up with her eating. The doctor said she was a bit under weight but that could have been because of her cold. So, I'm wondering if it's going to take a little time for me to get back to my normal 4 ounces per pumping session (I've never been a large producer of milk)? Or is this the start of the end of nursing becuase food has been introduced? I do have some frozen reserves, but really don't plan to go through that as I have this problem continue (unless I have to). She's always hated formula, but I am wondering if I shouldn't try to supplement a few feedings while I can't pump enough to hold her over.......?

    Just getting a bit discouraged. Is this lull normal?

    I've been taking Fenugreek (Mother's Milk Drops) and pills when I'm away at work. I just only seem to be able to pump 1 or 2 ounces total from both sides each time. I know this can't be enough as her bottles typically are 4 ounces usually.

    Thanks for any comments, suggestions, advice on getting my supply back up.


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    Default Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    You did a great job to nurse and pump and make it to 10 months. I know when Will was 10 months he went from drinking three four oz. bottles in 8 hours to only drinking two. He was getting better at his sippy cup around this time and took juice, water, drinkable yogurt, and solids. That seemed to be enough. Last week he was also sick and only wanted to nurse. I took some out of my freezer reserve to have at DC because he wasn't eating solids during that time. I wouldn't worry about formula now. You can do this for 2 more months, then she can have cow's milk. You could do several things: try to see if she will be content with less milk while away from you, with solids filling in the gap, add more pumping sessions, either early in the morning, in the evening, or on the weekend, continue with the Fenugreek, and eat a bowl of oatmeal every day. You don't have very far to go! I actually started introducing Will to cow's milk when he was 11 months because I wanted to see how he would react and to get him used to it. He still doesn't drink very much, a couple oz. at most, but you could try that next month, too. Maybe your LO will take to it better. Good luck! Don't give up!

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    Default Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    Welcome, and congratulations on getting to nearly 10 months of breastfeeding! Well done, Mama!

    It's normal to see a decrease in supply later in the baby's first year. When a baby starts solids, her nursing needs tend to go down and supply does, too. And supply often takes a hit after a baby has been ill, and hasn't been nursing as much or as intensively as usual. This link may help: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

    If you're basing your assessment of your baby and her needs based on what the doc said about your baby being "a bit under weight," could you tell us more? Like how old she is exactly, what her weight is now, and what percentiles she's been in since birth? Many docs a) still use the old charts developed for formula-fed infants and b) don't realize that it's normal for breastfed babies to become relatively leaner in the second half of the first year.

    Or is this the start of the end of nursing becuase food has been introduced?
    Well, solids are the beginning of the end- but the end is probably a very long way off! Months, maybe even years. As long as you continue to nurse, you will continue to produce milk.

    She's always hated formula, but I am wondering if I shouldn't try to supplement a few feedings while I can't pump enough to hold her over.......?
    I would use your stash. This is what it's for. If it becomes necessary (i.e. your stash continues to dwindle and you're not having good results with increasing supply) then I would consider supplementing with formula.

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    Default Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    When DD was around 8 months old I worked away from the home for 3-4 months (I usually work from home) and I only had the chance to pump once during the middle of the day and I would only pump like 4-5 ounces total from both boobs. She wouldn't drink my expressed milk unless her grandma let her take tiny sips directly from the bottle I pumped into (who knows)

    Now at this time she was eating "meals" when she was away from me and drinking water and soy milk. When I picked her up we nursed every hour until bedtime.

    My supply wasn't affected from the BIG drop in daytime sessions. Good luck!
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    Default Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    FWIW I could never pump enough for ds while working, we supplemented with formula and nursed during the evenings, nights and weekends. It always made me feel terrible, like I couldn't provide for him, but even the small amount that I could pump was definitely worth it. I did also notice a decrease in what I could pump in the later months.
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    Default Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    Hey daniealk

    Great job getting through a cold and pumping at work. That is sooo difficult. Reading your note was so similar to my experience. I've got a 10 month old but we are still exclusively breast feeding. She just got over a cold. My supply took a dive because i had a fever for a day.

    What worked for us is nursing her direct during the day. I took a few extra days to reestablish my supply with her before returning to work. I can't remember where i read it but something about the baby's saliva and rhythm of sucking helps better than a pump. On the days when i absolutely HAD to work after i got home I just offered the boob every hour or so while awake, even if it was only for a few minutes. Then at night since we co sleep (shh big secret) I went without a bra so she could snack while i slept. I also drank mother's milk tea 3 x a day and had a lot of oatmeal.

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    Just a quick note to say that the cold/bug likely had something to do with your supply but the short nursing sessions absolutely can be attributed to the age of your LO. Consider taking your nursing sessions in to a quieter room with less going on? It definitely makes a difference at this age.
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