I have a 3 month old, and am still battling sore nipples. All LCs (5) and CNMs (2) I have seen are baffled. First week it was latch trouble which led to cracks then presumed yeast. Diflucan helped a little initially, but I have been on it for 10 wks, yes I said 10 wks and I'm still getting what I refer to as "flares" - or episodes of increased pain and redness that come out of no where and last about 48-72hrs, then mostly subside. I am on course #2 of nystatin for baby & me. I have written here before about how I've tried: gentian x3, GSE, APNO cream, vigilance with cleanliness, high dose probiotics, no yeast or sugar diet, EVERYTHING. Nothing works if this is in fact yeast. So, I'm starting to think its not yeast?

However, I also have nipple vasospasms and just started nifedipine 2 wks ago with marked improvement of pain and some of the redness subsided too. but then I just got another 'flare' out of no where when I thought I'd found the cure. I'm so frustrated! Has anyone else had redness with vasospasm that WASN'T yeast?? The two things have very similar symptoms from what I've read, although I'm not sure if redness is common with Raynauds of the nipple. I think I"m going to stop the diflucan which I've read can worsen vasospasms and see what happens.

Has anyone had experiences with these "flaring" episodes? what could it be? I'm wondering if hormones have something to do with it. I just want to nurse pain free, I have stuck it out this long, but have had pain since day one, now 3 months ago! The severity fluctuates, and seems random. I'm keeping a diary to see if anything adds up, but no sense of any of it yet.

Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated!