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Thread: Thrush?? Do I stop BF????

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    Default Thrush?? Do I stop BF????

    I think my 4 week old daughter has Thrush ( she has white spots in her mouth on tounge and cheeks, and her breath smells different) Should I stop BF her until I take her to the doctor? What can I do to prevent this? Or maybe its not thrush? Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Thrush?? Do I stop BF????

    No! Definitely do not stop breastfeeding your little one. My little one and I had thrush for a long time and never once stopped nursing ... there is no need to. If it is just white spots in her mouth, are you sure it's not just milk residue? I saw the same thing in my baby when she was little and thought it was thrush, but the doctor told me it was just milk. Can they be scraped off?

    If she does indeed have thrush, you will need to get a prescription for both her and you. It is safe for mom and baby to take while continuing to nurse.

    Does your baby have any other signs of thrush? Do you? You can read more about it HERE. Also, here are the signs that LLL lists on their site about thrush:

    Red Flags for Suspecting Thrush

    Chronic pain that won't resolve when new mother is positioning and latching on correctly
    Sudden onset of painful nursing for an experienced nursing mother
    Hearing the words "burning, itching, shooting, stabbing"
    Mother has a vaginal yeast infection
    Baby has a bright red diaper rash and/or white cottony patches in his mouth
    Nipples are so sore mother cannot tolerate clothes touching them

    Signs of Thrush


    Nipples and/or areola may appear:
    Perfectly normal
    Darker or red on a dark-skinned mother
    Red, deep pink or purple-red on a light-skinned mother
    White dots on nipple
    Very dry, flaking or peeling
    Cheesy in the skin folds
    Cracked or fissured and don't heal as expected
    Vaginitis (especially recurrent)
    Mastitis (especially recurrent)
    Yeast elsewhere on the body:
    Under breasts
    Finger/toenail beds
    Between fingers or toes
    Under arms
    Groin area
    Behind knees
    Elbow creases
    Eyelid creases
    Corners of mouth

    Nursing a baby with oral thrush


    Refuses to nurse
    Nurses and pulls off
    Gassy (windy) and cranky
    Makes clicking sound when nursing
    Yeast present in other places on body
    Red diaper rash that does not respond to soothing remedies
    Perfectly normal
    White patches that do not rub off
    Pearly look to saliva

    Post back and let us know if anything there sounds familiar. It may be a good idea to visit your pediatrician and have her take a look at your baby's mouth to be certain what you are dealing with.

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