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Thread: Need Help Nursing 16-Month-Old

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    Hello. My 16-month-old daughter nurses just about every hour unless we're out, and about 5 (yes, FIVE) times a night. When I awake in the morning she is already nursing and won't stop until I get up to get her breakfast. (I am a single mom and when we get up I can only give her a small snack while I help my oldest get ready for school.) She eats and drinks okay, I'm not always sure if she's getting enough. I offer food throughout the day and I let her sit until she lifts her tray to signal that she's done (and of course she takes meals with us). She's never taken a binky or a bottle. She drinks from a cup. I want to cut down on the amount of feedings without stressing her. I don't want to stress her at all. But I'm tired and naturally thin and starting to think that all the nursing is making me thinner (5'9'' and about 126 lbs)!! I don't want to stop completely but I do want to sleep. Any suggestions at all are appreciated. Important: if I stop before she's ready (only at night) will it completely ruin her happiness? She is so loving and funny and happy. If it's going to make her upset I can deal...she's not going to be a baby forever. I wanted to nurse my oldest but had her young, no support, & gave up as soon as my mom suggested it. Regret it to this day. Want to try everything with this one. Thank you.

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    I think that is isnt unreasomable to want to space the nursing sessions out a bit more. But I wouldnt stop nursing. She is satisfying a need when she is nursing, and for some reason she needs to nurse a lot! Maybe just try to go 2 hours inbetween sessions at first? DD is 18 months and will wake 3x at night to nurse as well.

    good luck
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    Her canines are coming in but no molars yet...

    I think that's what I'll do for now...try to space them out more and distract her or offer food.
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    Well at 18 months we night weaned and I don't regret it one bit. It has allowed me to continue breastfeeding a very happy 2 year old all the way through this pregnancy.
    We night weaned by explaining to her that milkies had to sleep at night too so we have one big milkie and then we can have another big milkie when we wake up in the morning. We had one night of frustration where I explained I would hold her hand at night but that there would be no milkies until morning. The next night I didn't hear from her until 5am, where I promptly pulled her into my bed and gave her big Milkies for staying in her bed all night with lots of praise.

    Since then she reminds me she gets big milkies (read: for up to 30 minutes ) before she goes to bed and again in the morning.

    We tried cutting back the night sessions but it just didn't work for us. She was constantly frustrated for a week about why I would say yes sometimes and other times say no.

    Best of Luck.

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    I am nursing a baby around the same age, and sometimes he wants to nurse a LOT. I mean, WOW. A lot of nursing! So I get the frustration.

    For many women, backing off a little, spacing out feedings more, can really make a difference in how you view your BF'ing relationship. You can use distraction and solid foods to try to tempt your child away from breastfeeding. Being out and about also helps to keep babies occupied and too busy to nurse.

    Of course it's up to you, but you may find that lowering the frequency at day a bit helps you see your baby through the molars and beyond. Night nursing not only comforts babies through teething at night - it can actually help you get more sleep when the time comes!

    Just a couple weeks ago, I was asking for advice on night weaning my baby, and then suddenly, he's doing much better and definitely doesn't need to night wean (in fact, I'm a little sad not to nurse him as much!). The moral of this story is: things are always changing. You can make small changes now, and you may find that gets you through a hard time.

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