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Thread: Baby only taking one breast

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    Default Baby only taking one breast

    This started a couple of days ago! He only wants my left breast. He won't take the right breast at all! What can I do?? I think he's getting enough milk, because normally when I pump I get about 5 oz from each breast, and when I pump after feeding him, I'm still getting 4-6 oz from the right and 1 oz from the left... But everything I've read says that it is important to offer both breasts at every feeding. He's only 16 days old, so 3-4 oz per feeding is ok, isn't it??

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    3-4 oz per feeding is fine at just 16 days old. In fact, it's as much as or more than many babies eat when nursing throughout their nursing days! A lot of moms freak when they compare the amount of breastmilk a baby takes to the huge bottles formula-fed babies suck down- but it starts to make more sense when you remember that breastmilk changes composition to match the baby's needs (unlike formula), and that breastfed babies often make up for small meals by feeding more frequently than their formula-fed peers.

    Sometimes a baby prefers one breast over the other because:
    - he prefers a particular nursing position
    - he likes the speed of letdown he gets from the preferred breast
    - he has an ear infection

    I would try varying your nursing position, and continuing on with the pumping! You might want to offer the disfavored breast first- when your baby is hungry he may be more willing to drink from it, just because he's too hungry to put up a fuss about it not being his "favorite."

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    Thank you! I have breastfed my other two children, 6 and 8 yrs ago, and I never had as many doubts as I do now! I think I've been reading too much, that darn internet!!! lol I worry about every little thing. I will keep trying to get him to take both breasts, but I feel better knowing that he is probably getting enough from one breast.

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    Just because you offer both breasts doesn't mean baby will always take both. I've heard it said really well on this site, the first side is "dinner" the 2nd is "dessert" sometimes babies want more and thats fine, sometimes they don't and thats ok too. As long as diaper output is good they are getting enough.
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    Default Re: Baby only taking one breast

    My first did this, and I would pump the other side so my supply stayed up. I would latch him onto the preferred side first, and then I would switch him. I just kept gently encouraging him and he eventually took it.

    I would also try different nursing positions. I think he actually liked a different hold for a while on that side he had difficulties on.

    Also, we co-slept and that was a great time to get him to nurse from both breasts. Laying down there isn't too much of a difference.

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