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Thread: Is this a Latch problem (re: 7mo) OUCH

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    Unhappy Is this a Latch problem (re: 7mo) OUCH

    Hi! I have had terribly sore nipples for going on a week now. At first I thought my daughter (who turned 7 months this week) wasn't opening her mouth enough, but we've worked on that and my condition hasn't improved...

    She's not showing any signs of teething (I don't see or feel anything on her gums)...

    But what "clicked" this evening, is that the "cuts" (they look like gashes) and pain, are on the upper-outsides of my nipples, like where her top gums are... does that make sense?

    Could that be a latch problem? Or something else?

    I really need help with this -- I cry through every nursing session!

    Any tips or direction would be appreciated!


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    Hi Erin! I'm sorry you're having so much pain right now. It could be related to teething. I believe 7 months is the average age of the first tooth. I also think when the teeth are trying to break through the gums is when it hurts our LO's the most.

    When my DD started getting in her top teeth, we had some painful nursing sessions (although no gashes thankfully). What worked for me was to give her some ice in one of those mesh-feeders to chew/suck on before nursing or using some baby orajel. I have also heard that letting baby suck/chew on a cold washcloth or teething toy works as well. That way she didn't use me as a teething toy.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Is this a Latch problem (re: 7mo) OUCH

    When my little one started getting her top two teeth in I had the same sores around the upper part of my areola where her gums rested. I think it was a combo of her changing her latch a little because of the pressure of the teeth coming in and also when they teeth the extra saliva can irritate your breast. The sores were extremely painful for a couple weeks, and then just all of a sudden improved as her teeth came in and she got used to them (I hear this often from other moms). Some things that helped in the mean time is varying her position (try side lying, football hold if she'll let you - mine wouldn't, etc.), getting her to open really wide before latching on, and making sure that her weight is well supported so that the upper gums aren't pressing down on your breast. Also make sure her chin isn't tucked into her chest, but rather try and get her to tilt her chin up as much as you can while latching.

    Some tips that are helpful can be found here:

    Teeth Indentations

    Hope this helps!

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