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Thread: Need BF friendly Pediatric Dentist in Sacramento,CA

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    Question Need BF friendly Pediatric Dentist in Sacramento,CA

    My daughter just turned 1 but has 8 teeth already and she is a night nurser. At her 12 month check up the doc said I had to stop feeding at night because she will get "bottle mouth" caries in her teeth.
    I went home and researched it and doc is wrong. I am looking for a new Pediatrician now, but I would like to take the best care of her teeth that I can. We brush 2x a day but I would like her to be seen by a dentist that is not going to tell me to stop breastfeeding. I live near Sacramento and I am willing to drive. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I don't think it will come up unless you bring it up. My son had 6 cavities when I took him in at 3 years old. The fact that he was still breastfeeding NEVER came up. They didn't ask and I didn't volunteer it. I think having a child younger than two in the chair is going to be very challenging though.

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    We brought DS1 to the dentist at 1 year and every 6 months thereafter. At that age they really just take a look real quick and get them used to the idea of the dentist. The last time we went DS1 was almost 3, and they did a lot more since he was much more cooperative.

    As far as breastfeeding, I agree with the PP. They probably won't ask if you don't tell. It came up at 1 year with the ped dentist we went to (but he was bottle-fed EBM), but it was a very short conversation.

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    And in case you need a personal case for how it doesn't freakin matter if they breastfeed all night, my DS is 3 1/2, has nursed all night -- and I mean ALL NIGHT -- since the beginning, has reflux, and.......has no cavities.... I think there is an excellent case to be made for genetics when it comes to teeth.... It's nice to not have to deal with discouraging conversation about breastfeeding, but remember, you are the mama, and you get to decide what's best for your baby, not a dentist.
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