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Thread: not understanding how it works after all this time...

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    Default not understanding how it works after all this time...

    So my daughter is nearly 17 months and we are still nursing. most days she prefers nursing to whole milk during the day, but i do offer both.

    We have a family crisis coming up,, my grandmother passing away (just off life support tonight) and the hassle of hauling my daughter 7 hours away by car... my husband offers to help by saying "well, my momwould be glad to come down and watch her for a couple of days" me: "well, that's great but we can't just wean cold turkey like that, not good for her or me - mastitiis, antibiotics, plugged ducts?" "Ok , just thought I'd offer"... an hour later he bings it up again. I was expecting him to get itchy about the weaning topic about now, I just don't want him to try to use this situation as a "see that's why" thing.. hard to type with toddler doing jumping jacks on my lap, but irritated because I had discussed the idea that we were doing this until 2 and until he was available to help with weaning (which will be next spring)....

    anyway... thanks, just needed to rant. Now need to tie up the monkey child.
    "Old" first time ma (38) to Athena (May 17, 09) Oh my G-d, I'm nursing a toddler!!

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    Default Re: not understanding how it works after all this time...

    awe she is still so young and flu season it comming up. I'd take her along to on the trip.
    IT will be good for you to be able to excuse yourself at diffent times.
    One of mine was about that age when hubbies grandpa died
    and he nursed in the back of the funeral home, at the church and at the cemtetary.
    nobody even said a thing to me or hubby.

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