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Thread: Itchy breasts

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    My DS is 3 1/2 weeks old and we have been EBF now for just over a week. I had been EP and bottle feeding breast milk due to nipple confusion, but at just over 2 weeks old he figured it out and we now only do the occasional bottle of breast milk.

    Anyway the past few days I've been having problems with my right breast being really itchy. I also get these occasional strange sensations, not quite burning, not quite pain, but uncomfortable that seem to go from the nipple up into the breast. I recently finished a course of antibiotics for a UTI and wonder if it might be thrush? I also thought it might be a reaction to a different nursing pad I used the other day that had lanolin in it.

    On the left breast I have been having pain on latch on, but it seems to be just a poor latch, because if I relatch him after a minutes or so the pain will go away. I think I may have an overactive letdown and he's clamping down. Any adivce?

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    Itchy and burning sensations, particularly after a course of antibiotics, say "thrush" to me.

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    You know... I have dealt with this at different degrees throughout the 9 months our LO has been nursing... not sure what to tell you, but it never affected our nursing!
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