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Thread: Did I "over-fix" my oversupply/overactive letdown?

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    Default Did I "over-fix" my oversupply/overactive letdown?

    Hi ladies, this is my first time posting.

    LO is almost 6 weeks and about 11 pounds (was 8 lbs 2 oz) at birth. She latched on perfectly from the get-go, and I started feeding 15 minutes on each side every 3 hours. At her 2 week appt she was up to 9 lbs 10 oz so her doc said she could go every 4 hours. Over those first few weeks it was apparent that I was producing a LOT of milk. She'd gag and thrash at the breast because so much was gushing out and it would spray her in the face if she'd stop sucking. She'd also spit up quite a bit and we finally figured out we were overfeeding her so I went down to 10 minutes a side. She was still getting sprayed in the face and having lots of gas/choking milk issues, so I started doing a bit of research on overactive letdown/oversupply.

    Based on suggestions, I started just feeding from one breast each feeding and she's usually eating every 3-4 hours. I don't know if I'm being oversensitive since I'm used to having my breasts feel ultra-full and heavy, but I feel like I'm not producing enough. Also, I'd like to pump occasionally to start building a milk bank for when I go back to work, but will this interfere with this reduced schedule I've created to fix my overactive letdown? When should I pump? I used to be able to get 5oz from one breast (!), and now I can barely get 1.5 - 2.

    Part of me feels like I'd rather have too much milk (and maybe pump or squirt into a towel to relieve the pressure/letdown) than not enough, and I also want to make sure that LO is getting enough of the good hindmilk. Should I go back to two breasts at each feeding? Help! Anyone have any suggestions or have you gone through this?

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    Default Re: Did I "over-fix" my oversupply/overactive letdown?

    and congrats on your LO! It sounds like things are going great. In the first few weeks your breasts are quite full because they don't know how much milk your baby wants so they make a lot. As you have been feeding your LO they start to regulate to how much she has been eating. Your supply is not low, but just right to what she has been eating. 2oz from one breast is great! Their tummies are still small so they don't eat much. I started pumping after feedings to get a stash going for going back to work. As my DS2 slept longer and napped longer I was able to fit in more sessions in between feedings. Pumping a bit before nursing your LO sounds like a good idea to relieve the OAL so she doesn't gag. My OAL calmed down after a few months, maybe yours will too. Also, what you pump out is NOT any indication to what she is eating. Babies are way more efficient at removing milk than any pump. Sounds like your supply is great!

    I would stop stressing about the feeding "schedule" and just go with what your LO wants. Feed her when she's hungry, not what the clock says. You're only going to stress yourself out, and that's no good for Momma or baby. Offer one side for as long as she wants. When she comes off, then offer the other side. She will eat if she's hungry, and won't eat if she's not.

    You are doing great Momma! Keep up the good work

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