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Thread: Have any experience with Diflucan?

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    Default Have any experience with Diflucan?

    Does anyone have any negative experiences or any experience at all taking Diflucan in either LO or yourself? I have a presc. for 200mg to take one time a week for four weeks to try to rid us of our yeast problem. (Currently it is in LO's mouth and sometimes I have sore nipples, but no ductal yeast) I have been staring at the bottle for over two weeks, trying anything and everything else before taking it. Hearing about alot of intestinal distress for baby.

    Also is it enough for me to take it and LO not? Will enough get into my BM for it to be effective for us both?

    I wonder if I just take this if our yeast issues will be gone for good and I am wasting time not going for it? (I am always looking for natural alternatives before going for the meds) Currently working with Grapefruit Seed Extract and Priobiotics, 8weeks with only minimal improvement.

    Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: Have any experience with Diflucan?

    Hi! I'm sorry you're battling this, it's SUCH a pain! Aaron and I had thrush for 2 months and were miserable. I did nystatin on my nipples and he had the oral liquid stuff all of that time. I also tried using the bifidopholus stuff with no luck (paste on my nipples and drank it and swabbed it in Aaron's mouth)

    Ok, so with that in mind, I was prescribed Diflucan and so was aaron. About 5% of the Diflucan does go from breastmilk to your little one so the pharmacist checked with my OB/Gyn to make sure they really wanted to do that. I took it and so did aaron. I only took one 150mg dose and he was prescribed 14 days of Diflucan, but we only gave it to him for 10. Pharmacist said that would be sufficient and I didn't want to give him more than I had to.

    Some people only take the diflucan themselves and don't give it to LO. I think that is the most common way of using it, actually. But- my dr and his ped agreed to kick this and double prescribed it to really eradicate it.

    Aaron didn't respond well internally to the diflucan- it was really tough on his stomach and made him very gassy and uncomfortable. Another reason we stopped at 10 days instead of 14. It did give me a bit of a tummy ache, too, but I was more worried about him. It's a quandry because you'd like to just take it yourself and not have to give it to him BUT you also want to get rid of it so he isn't suffering with thrush anymore. I was at that crossroads and just decided to go for it rather than dabble with anything any longer. I am VERY anti medicine and hated giving him nystatin that long let alone the diflucan, but we've been over a month without thrush now, so maybe it was worth it.

    I feel for you- there are so many tough decisions to make with your little one- it's hard to be the adult sometimes! I hope you have good luck with whatever you decide to do! Thrush stinks!

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    Default Re: Have any experience with Diflucan?

    My lo had yeast also and was on nystatin for about a week with little or no improvement. I went back to the ped and he pescribed diflucan, which I was also very nervous about. But ds was on it for only 2 days and it cleared up well, so I took him off of it and haven't had a problem since. It didn't seem to affect him intestinally. That was about 3 months ago. So it worked well for us...

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    Default Re: Have any experience with Diflucan?

    My DS is on diflucan for yeast as well (on his bottom). He has no problems with the meds. His yeast is different though. He has intestional yeast and nystatin doesn't help that at all. But I didn't notice him to be any gassier or anything. As with anything, side effects vary per person/baby. Yeast is stubborn and does usually require meds. Follow your gut and do what feels right for you!

    Good luck!
    ETA: He is getting ready to start his 3rd round of diflucan since birth due to the intestional yeast coming back again... This is normal in reflux babies and is not a sign of the meds not working or anything.

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    Default Re: Have any experience with Diflucan?

    We had a bout of thrush/yeast which I believe had become ductal for me with some pain - not like I had read some women have but it was a new, different pain than from those newborn days. My son only needed the oral nystatin, but the topical nystatin wasn't enough for me. I talked to my doc and got 5 days of 150mg oral diflucan and she later gave me another 5 day refill when the first didn't clear it up. I saw no changes with my son and was glad that my doc was willing to prescribe for me because it really helped!

    One mom I know had been on diflucan for 14 days for this same problem and said her doc wouldn't give her more unless he checked her liver enzymes to see that they were okay after 2 weeks on the drug. So! Make sure you are both getting treated simultaneously or else it will just come back to one of you and you'll be back where you started but maybe not with the diflucan option if your doc is hesitant to prescribe more.

    I also spoke to a lactation consultant before taking the med (like you, very hesitant to take anything while nursing and preferred to to natural) and she said, as a pp mentioned, only a small percent to the baby, and some women need up to 14 days to clear it up. My ped is very conservative and did not want to put the baby on diflucan unless the yeast was truly nystatin resistant, which I've read is happening more, but we were lucky and it worked.

    Good luck! Hope this post wasn't late for you.

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    Default Re: Have any experience with Diflucan?

    With our first dd, we had thrush and didn't know it. Her ped saw the thrush in her mout and asked me if I was sore. We tried the Nystatin orally for her and the paste for her bottom and for me, and it got better but returned within 2 days, so we went to Diflucan- a ten day course for her, as well as a 10 day course for me (divided up the normal mg into a 10 day course so as not to be so strong) and also used the Nystatin paste on her bottom. The thrush was cleared up soon and we never looked back! I did notice some slight discomfort in our dd- a little sadness as if a stomach ache was ailing her while using the diflucan, but nothing that really stopped me from using the med. I trust our ped who also in a bfeeding mom, so I know she knows her stuff!
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    Default Re: Have any experience with Diflucan?

    I would take it! Yeast can be tricky to get rid of.

    I took 400mg (loading dose), then 100mg 2x day for 2 weeks when my little one was a month old. No problems whatsoever. In fact, it was the best thing I did -- I had pain free breastfeeding for the first time while I was finishing the prescription.

    I wish you luck!

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