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Thread: sleeping through night - but will it stay this way?

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    Default Re: sleeping through night - but will it stay this way?

    My experience has been different from everyone else who has replied so far. DD started sleeping from 9-6 at 4 months old. For a couple of weeks initially she used to wake up once in the night. My husband went in to her room and put her back to sleep. She is 13 months now and still sleeps through the night though it is 10 - 7.30am. All through these months, I always nurse her just before I go to bed at 10.30-11. She sleeps through this feeding. I don't know if this helped her sleep through the night but it didn't hurt.

    You can hope that your LO will not change her pattern but as you know, each baby is different and all you can do is wait and see :-)
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    Default Re: sleeping through night - but will it stay this way?

    priya, your experience sounds most similar to mine so far. Actually Eliza isn't totally up untill 11:00, she is usually dozing off and on and I sometimes have to wake her to feed her before I go to bed around 11:30. I don't usually PUT her in her bed (co-sleeper pulled up next to my side of bed) until just before I go to bed, but we have her with us until then.

    She's been sleeping through since she was about 2 weeks this way. She occasionally stirs around 5 but usually sleeps in till 6-6:30 when we have to get up for work, and on weekends until maybe 7-7:30. I'll just count our blessings until the night that she starts waking us again! Thanks all for your input, very interesting.

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