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Thread: normal breastfed baby stool vs. diarrhea

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    Default normal breastfed baby stool vs. diarrhea

    Hi. I am new to posting, and I am confused (insecure) about my baby's stools. My DS (11 weeks) had a gastrointestional upset with vomiting and diarrhea about a month ago and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. He out of the hospital now and eating and gaining well. He has a wet diaper everytime he is changed (almost after every feeding), but I am so confused as to his stools. They are mustard yellow (so the right color), and have substance to them (not exactly seedy) and don't absorb into the diaper. Is this normal?!

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    Default Re: normal breastfed baby stool vs. diarrhea

    That's what my baby has too. They are hardly ever a bit seedy! And she's doing fine. I bet yours is too!

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    It sounds fine to me, too. The poop doesn't get absorbed, really, into disposable diapers. I find that sometimes dd's poops are seedy and sometimes they're not. I haven't ever really worried about it When it's diarrhea it's more green, mucousy and smelly.

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