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Thread: After Weaning issues

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    Smile After Weaning issues

    I have an 18month old son, he weaned himself at 15 months. So my milk has been dried up for quite a while now. But today in the shower I noticed some discharge that looked a lot like colostrum. ?? Has anyone else had this happen?

    My sister just had a baby, and my best freind is also nursing an 8 month old- I am wondering if my milk is coming back because of that, or if maybe I have a yeast infection... I am totaly lost for words on this one!

    I nursed all three of my children, and this never happened. I dried up within three days of completely weaning all of them... so for my milk to be back is confusing!

    thanks so much!

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    hmm...could you be pregnant?
    otherwise, I'm not sure?? off to do some research...

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    At just 3 months post-weaning, I don't think it's that surprising to still be producing some milk. I know I kept on making a little milk until I got pregnant again. Seeing new nursing babies might contribute to seeing milk- milk production is in the brain (well, the pituitary gland) as much as it is in the breast!

    But if this continues on and on and on, you might want to talk to your midwife or doctor, and make sure it's all normal.

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