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Thread: almost 1 and want to wean need advise

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    Question almost 1 and want to wean need advise

    so im sad to say that i think its time to wean booboo from his beloved breast he is almost 1, and i made a personal goal to make it 6 months which i surpassed! but he has his lil teefers now that he enjoys chomping on mommy with and is getting demanding and pulls my top down to nurse whenever he feels the need. (kind of embarressing) i do work full time he does take formula when im away and is on solids but when im around he only wants to bf.no bottles. i planned on trying to take out all feedings except first thing in morning and bedtime but he throws a fit and buries his head in my breast pulls my top... i dont know what to do.does anyone have any tips to make it easier and any other solid foods besides gerber and rice to feed him he's turning down his food and only wants our food???

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    Default Re: almost 1 and want to wean need advise

    Congrats on meeting and surpassing your personal nursing goal! WTG, Mama!

    Nursing a biter and a shirt-puller is no fun- but there are strategies you can use to fix those problems or cope that don't involve total weaning. If you're interested in them, let us know and we'll try to help! The reason I ask is that there is still a lot of value to nursing past 1 year, and frankly I think it's easier to continue to nurse than to try to wean, and I'm all for busy mamas taking the easy way out!

    If you're really, really serious about weaning, here are some tips:
    - Eliminate the least favored feeding first. The last feedings to go tend to be the first morning session, and the sessions before nap and bedtime.
    - Enlist help. Baby knows you've got the good stuff, but Daddy or Grandma doesn't. If baby is playing with a family member or a sitter- anyone other than mom- he may forget to nurse.
    - Distraction is your friend. Get out of the house- baby may forget to nurse when he's in a new and interesting place. And if the baby wants to nurse, try offering some solid food or a bottle first.

    and any other solid foods besides gerber and rice to feed him he's turning down his food and only wants our food???
    He's got teeth and is closing in on a year- IMO that's old enough for table foods, so I'd just feed him whatever you're eating. Make sure whatever you give him is mashed or chopped into sizes that aren't choking hazards and all should be fine. (And remember to avoid serious choking hazards like nuts, sections of hot dog, etc., and highly allergenic foods.)
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