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Thread: challenges nursing my two year old

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    Default challenges nursing my two year old

    Hello wonderful mamas,

    I have a 7 month old and a 23 month old and I am experiencing some challenges nursing the latter that I am hoping you may be able to advise on.
    My toddler nurses about 6 times per day, which is exhausting enough while already nursing an infant on demand (who nurses constantly!). I don't seem to ever be able to eat or drink enough to keep from feeling ravenous or thirsty at all times I have tried to redirect my toddler with snacks, drinks, outings, games, music, but inevitably, he nurses a minimum of 6 times no matter how much I anticipate his needs!

    But the main challenge is his latch has gotten really terrible. It HURTS to nurse him, and when it doesn't hurt, it is like nails scraping down a blackboard kind of uncomfortable- kind of what I felt like while nursing during my pregnancy with my second son. If he isn't biting down on my nipple, then he is resting his top teeth on it heavily, or his favorite move lately is to start correctly then move back down so he is almost chewing on the front of my nipple- AWFUL, particularly at our daily 5:30 am feeding when I am way too exhausted to get up and redirect him to another activity.

    I continually am taking him off the breast to readjust his latch. I tell him that if his latch hurts me we will have to stop. At the 5:30 am feeding, this results in screaming and crying which then wakes up my 7 month old I use limits like counting to 10 or singing a short song and then stopping. This works most of the time, but again, the 5:30 am feeding - no dice - it all ends in tears. My LLL leader told me to get up and redirect him to an activity like coloring etc but I have to say, at 5:30 am, I really need to be able to get a little more sleep after being up most of the night nursing my infant.

    We don't use sippy cups any longer as I read that they can negatively impact latching. He knows how to latch correctly. He opens his mouth up wide. But it is just SO uncomfortable. I would love to have him nurse less during the day and would love for it not to hurt. Any advice? It is getting to the point where I am feeling I may have to wean him as I am feeling so exhausted and unhappy while nursing him. Sorry for such a long post. And thank you for your input.

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    Oh, I'm sorry, it looks like this post got missed. Bumping in the hopes that some other moms will have suggestions.

    Do you think he could just be really hungry at the 5:30am feeding? Any chance he would accept some yogurt or a granola bar type snack instead of nursing? I was just thinking of a mom I knew who had a little refrigerator by her bed so she could just hand out the yogurt first thing in the morning without getting up...

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    Default Re: challenges nursing my two year old

    yeah at that age it would be way ok to start to set some limits.
    I fealt that way when my dd was that age and I wasn't nursing another infant.
    IT think its your bodies way of getting toddler weaned.

    What might help you feal beter is getting rid of some other feeds, it sounds like hes very attached to 1st thing in the morning. and to go to bed
    Try some other times.
    Watch toddler and see how he acts if he regresses then weaning is going too fast.

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