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    I have been breastfeeding my 4 week old since birth. I haven't been making much milk, she's always hungry after she eats and I've had to supplment with formula, which she usually throws up. Now I have been having serious problems even getting my nipples to get hard enough for her to keep in her mouth. They are flat and colorless and she can't attach herself anymore. I don't know what to do. I have tries pumping a bit first, putting ice on my nipples and using the breast shields. None of these things have worked. PLEASE HELP

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    Welcome, Wendy's Mom, and congratulations on your baby girl! Good for you for breastfeeding and hanging in there through these getting-started problems.

    Your nipples don't have to get hard in order for your baby to latch. If she gets a good deep mouthful of breast tissue, she will stretch out your nipple herself. I had flat nipples when my son was born, and so I know it can make a good latch trickier at first, but it will get better in time if you keep practicing.

    What is probably going on with her current failure to latch is that she has gotten used to drinking from a bottle. If you can stop using any bottles or pacifiers, then she can learn again how to breastfeed properly.

    The best way to increase your milk supply is to breastfeed exclusively and frequently. If your daughter has to do all her sucking and eating at the breast, your milk supply will quickly increase. Giving formula supplements tells your body to make less milk, so the problem with low milk supply just gets worse that way.

    I don't want to overwhelm you with info on your first post; let us know how you are doing today and how you want to proceed, and we'll try to help you find accurate information and give you some support.


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    Hi Wendy's Mom! I'm so sorry to hear your having problems. The first several weeks are rough.

    I agree with Rebecca, you need to put the baby to the breast as much as possible. It's important is these first several weeks to build your supply up. What makes you think you are not making much milk? I ask because I thought the same thing too initially. DD was always feeding and would feed sooo long, then 30 minutes later would want to nurse again. She nursed constantly in the evenings. I didn't know it at the time, but that's just natural for babies.

    I hope things go better for you today. Please let us know how you are doing. You will find awesome support here on these forums.
    Mom to Alyssa (11/26/05)

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    A sign that your LO is getting plenty of milk at the breast is that she is throwing up when you try to supplement. (She is full) A gage on our breasts would be so nice sometimes..lol.. If you feel a letdown and you hear baby swallowing, feel confident that you LO is eating perfectly...

    Good luck!
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