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Thread: What if the local LLL leader doesn't respond?

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    Default What if the local LLL leader doesn't respond?

    I am expecting my second child in Nov, and BF with my first was really hard. I never had a good supply, and I all but dried up at 4 months. I'm really hoping I can do better this time, and I contacted the local LLL leader via email a week ago, but I haven't heard anything back. I would like to attend a meeting or two and get some local recommendations for an LC if possible before the baby is born. Maybe a week isn't that long to get a reply? I didn't want to call because that seems like phoning is for mothers in need currently not some time in the future. I guess I could always contact a different leader from a neighboring town, but I'm not really sure of the protocol. Also, I have no idea if this is the right place to post this question, but what should I do next?


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    Default Re: What if the local LLL leader doesn't respond?

    It's absolutely fine to call on the phone to ask about meeting info or any other questions you have. And you can call as many Leaders in as many locations as you'd like.

    Since LLL Leaders are volunteers and mothers themselves, the time and energy they have to spend on LLL work and their enthusiasm and responsiveness may vary quite a bit. If you don't hear back from one or feel like you didn't get what you need, please do feel free to contact another (or more than one other) Leader.

    I hope you have a better experience with breastfeeding this time! It's definitely a good start to get resources and support lined up ahead of time.
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    Default Re: What if the local LLL leader doesn't respond?

    I would go to a meeting. Leaders are volunteers- and like the rest of us, they're overscheduled and stressed and sometimes things drop through the cracks. Showing up in person may get you the help you're looking for!

    Do you have any specific concerns we can help out with? Lots of knowledgeable moms here!

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    Default Re: What if the local LLL leader doesn't respond?

    Thanks for the permission to just show up!! I know these ladies are super busy and I just didn't want to seem pushy!!!! I wasn't too sure of the protocol but if it's okay to just show up then I might just do that.


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    Default Re: What if the local LLL leader doesn't respond?

    I don't think there is anything wrong with you expecting to get some help. I do however think calling is better than email when you don't get a response (and personally I hate making phone calls to people I don't know). If you can't get help from a local LLL leader you might see if there is a free IBCLC near you. In my area there are several free ones.
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    Default Re: What if the local LLL leader doesn't respond?

    yup calling is beter then emailing something might be wrong with her computer....

    LEaders take lots of calls.

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