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Thread: Day 8 of NO POOP!!!

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    Default Day 8 of NO POOP!!!

    My little girl has always been a decent pooper, but she went from going every day (sometimes skipping a day), to going 8 days without pooping! I have been told a few days is normal (she is almost 3 months and exclusively breastfeeding), but 8 seems a bit much!!! She seems totally happy and is having her pee-pee diapers, but should I be worried and rushing her into the pediatrician's office? Is it true babies can die from poop-buildup?

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    You're baby will not due from poop build up after 8 days. I promise.

    It's normal for some exclusively breastfed babies to go a week or even two without pooping. And it's extremely rare for an exclusively breastfed baby to become constipated. If everything else looks good and she is not in pain then I say wait it out a couple more days.
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    8 days isn't really in the problematic zone yet. Before you take your LO to the doc, try some warm baths (if you get in with the baby I bet you she'll poop on you, mine always does! ) and/or a little prune juice.

    As long as the baby does not seem uncomfortable and is peeing normally, I think what you're seeing is very much in the normal range. However, if:
    - she looks and acts uncomfortable,
    - cries, turns red, or strains while trying to poop,
    - produces a hard, pellet-like stool that rolls right off the diaper when she finally does go,and/or
    - goes significantly more than a week without pooping,
    then you should suspect constipation and see your pediatrician.

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    Default Re: Day 8 of NO POOP!!!

    with pp.

    My DS once went 11 days...and when he went it was big! But he didn't strain at all with it or anything.

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    Default Re: Day 8 of NO POOP!!!

    yep, we went 10 days I think after being very regular then she pooped all over. It was awesome because my husband was holding her at the time. Then she went right back to 3x/day. I have no idea but I did call our doctor just to check in, he said as long as she was acting normal (not extra fussy or upset, not acting like uncomfortable) then she's fine and breastfed babies don't really get constipated.
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    Default Re: Day 8 of NO POOP!!!

    mine always would go if I put them in their bounce chair that sits in the door way..
    Then they poop would be all up their back and running in a puddle on the floor.

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