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Thread: Pregnant and nursing and drying up! Help!

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    I am so desperate. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and still nursing my almost 11 month old son. I had planned to wean him whenever he wanted to despite the pregnancy. Well, my milk has almost dried up completely in the past week! I have no idea what to do. He's been loosing interest in nursing since my milk is not letting down anymore. There is just a small bit of residual milk sitting in my breasts that he's getting. Nothing changed except the pregnancy. I had plenty of milk up until now and since the pregnancy it's just not coming in anymore. I really need to know if anyone else has had this experience. I am giving him yogurt and cheese right now to help with calcium since there is no way I am making enough milk for him. Thanks.

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    unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do to make your supply go back up when pregnant. i tried everything (or so it seemed!). Do you have any frozen that you can give him for a while? I know at 11 mos some peds say that whole milk is ok instead of transitioning to formula for that short of a time, but i'm not sure what other mamas think about that?

    And - congrats on the pregnancy, mama!
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    Many moms lose their milk when they get pregnant and unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to change it. Some babies continue to nurse despite there being no milk, but some do wean themselves when it happens. If you want to try to keep him nursing you can just offer, offer, offer and he'll take it when he wants. Or he might come back to it later after a break (maybe after the baby is born when your milk comes in). At 11 months I don't think it would be necessary to supplement with formula or anything, but definitely try to make sure he is eating plenty of solids, especially dairy if he does not drink cow's milk. There are other foods that are rich in calcium as well, like leafy greens and some legumes.
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    Thanks so much for your responses. I never had any issues producing milk and I didn't see this coming at all! I wanted to be one of those mommas who could breastfeed while pregnant, but I guess not. I almost wonder if the taste of my milk has changed too since my LO doesn't seem interested in even attempting to nurse. I might try giving him cow's milk in a couple of weeks but for now I'm a little scared... I guess we'll stick to yogurt, cheese, spinach, and legumes for now. Thanks again!

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