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    joshie and i were not doing too badly. but now he sleeps 1-1,5 hrs at a time. then doesn't seem to feed properly, he moans, shouts and pulls at my nipple... then stops and sucks furiously... i try to wind him but he straightens his legs and seems to get very angry and frustrated. eventually he burps, farts or poohs after much crying and fussy is hungry and starts to feed and then we start all over again... i am exhausted because even when he sleeps he makes allot of noise when he sleeps; moaning and crying.... i drink 1 big cup of green tea a day could this be hurting him, i also eat allot of fruit and drink lots of fruit juice could this be giving him trouble... his stools are quite runny. i really don't know what to do... i can't even let him sleep with me or i really won't get a second of rest because he is really noisey and restless... i have tried bathing him and giving him the tummy massage but nothing seems to help... do i really have to wait three months for him to out grow this?

    he is 5kg and 21 days old....

    all suggestions welcome by the way i do have quite a fast let down but i let him feed from above but nothing help

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    Have you tried to pump a little before feeding him?? Sometimes I just go in the bathroom and hand express some milk into the sink...my let down is very fast and honestly when I do this it is like a high powered hose!! lol. Anyway, it might help with gettting him on to eat (if the milk isn't coming so fast). I also did block feeding (and sometimes still do) Here is a link that REALLLY helped me:http://www.wiessinger.baka.com/bfing...e/gulping.html I am sure others will come along with more suggestions.

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    That does sound frustrating! Let's see if we can help you figure out what is going on.

    This kellymom.com link (not a LLL resource) is a good way to start trouble-shooting this fussy-while-nursing behavior:


    Much of his behavior seems consistent with gas or other digestive discomfort. When you get frustrated, try to remember that he is hurting and he is doing the best he can right now. Have faith that the two of you will figure this out together and that it will improve -- hopefully soon!

    The best way to find out if a food you eat is bothering your baby's tummy is to stop eating it for a week or so (with dairy, it takes as much as two weeks to clear your and your baby's system.) Dairy (milk, cheese, etc.) is actually the most common culprit, so you might try eliminating that first.

    Hang in there and let us know how you are doing!


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