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    I work part-time from home and choose to pump (my husband is home in the mornings to care for LO) so I can work uninterrupted. I've noticed that my left breast does not produce as much milk as my right. I just finished a pumping session and got 1oz from my left and 3oz from my right. This has been the trend since I began pumping when LO was 8 weeks old (she is now 16 weeks old).

    Is this problematic? If so, are there any remedies? Do I need to put her on the left breast every time I nurse her? Pump the left breast more often than I pump the right? While I know this is completely vain, will my right breast end up being larger than my left once I am no longer BF LO?

    Your advice and input would be appreciated.

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    Very normal to have one breast that produces more than the other. My right breast produces about 1.5 times what my left on produces. As for the lopsided thing this link should help.

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    Yup, my right side was my big producer. My breasts were a bit lopsided, but I don't know if it was from the pumping or nursing or both. My daughter preferred the larger breast. If it makes you feel any better they evened back out after she weaned.
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