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Thread: baby too upset to nurse

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    i dont know what to do my dd is 9 weeks old and gets really upset when i try to nurse her. we have had a lot of challenges getting bf going she was in the nicu for three days after a really bad case of shoulder dystocia and they forced me to give her a bottle because bf stressed her out. when we got home my midwife tried to help us to get bf going but we have not had a lot of success. we have had thrush and i have an overactive letdown causing her to choke and gag the few times a day that i can manage to get her to take the breast.I try to feed at the breast for every feed but when she cries i stop the feed and give her a bottle of ebm. i start the feeds before she is crying most of the time so she isnt upset until i try to get her to latch.when i offer her the breast she turns her head away and starts to scream sometimes she even hits me because she is so upset. i dont know what to do i am getting frusterated at pumping all the time (i also have a toddler who wants my attention so he gets bored when mom has to pump instead of playing with him), im also starting to feel really discouraged by my daughters refusal to feed. I dont know what to do i want to bf my dd but i feel so bad when i try to feed her and she cries as soon as i put her in the position to nurse.any advice at all on how to get her to relax enough to nurse would really be appreciated.

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    Oh that is so hard when they are refusing to nurse. First off remember to not take it personally. that can be really difficult to do when your LO is pushing away from you but it is not a rejection of you, just a preference as to her feeding method. These links have some more info about getting your LO back to the breast, keeping your milk supply up and the best ways to feed a breastfed baby. It will probably take some time to get her back to the breast but in the long run it will be easier than EP.

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