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Thread: Really bad latch and nipple pain

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    Question Really bad latch and nipple pain

    Hi! My son is 8 weeks old, and we had a really rough start to bfing. He spend a week in the nicu withdrawing my medicine that I had to take while pregnant due to a bad back injury. I wasn't informed that he would be withdrawing, they told me repeatedly he would be perfectly fine and if I stopped I would either miscarry, or go into premature labor. In the NICU, he was on a 3 hr feeding schedule that had NO flex to it. If I wasn't there or he didn't bf well within 15 mins, they literally took him from me and stuck a bottle in his mouth. I pumped every 3 hrs the whole time he was there, but I didn't and never have had any luck in pumping, so he was probably getting at most 50% bm. When we got home, I dedicated all our time to exclusively breastfeeding.

    I believe that from the very get go, he has been latching poorly. I think his latch was what led to a clogged duct which then led to a horrible case of mastits when he was 3 weeks old. Once I got over that, we almost ran into it again but thankfully I was able to unclog before it worsened. My nipples have hurt from day 1 of him nursing. I have read, watched basically anything and everything I can to try and correct this issue.

    When I tickle his lip to try and get him to open wide, he doesn't do this. As soon as anything touches anywhere near his mouth, he immediately begins sucking motions. Everyone keeps telling me over and over to get him to open his mouth, and I tell them over and over, HE WONT! Now when he nurses, when he is done, my nipple is flattened and white on the tip. And for hours afterwards it burns and hurts horribly. I figured this was thrush, so we treated both of us with Gentian Violet for about 5 days and no luck making the pain go away.

    If anyone can shed ANY light at all on how I can get him to get a deeper latch and stop sucking on just my nipple, I would love you forever. I met with a LLL leader a few weeks ago and much to my disappointment, she wasn't a real big help at all. I described everything to her and she just kept nodding her head and saying Yep Yep Yep. She reassured me that I am doing everything right, it is him who isn't cooperating and is just being lazy.

    So, any thoughts? Anything? I would really appreciate anything at all. Thanks!

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    Sound like you have had a rough time. It is great that you are dedicated to breastfeeding. Has your son been evaluated for a toungue tie? that can cause a bad latch. Are you feeding on demand? Have you tried feeding when he is sleepy? I had some problems with getting my son to latch on well too becuase the minute he was hungry his hands went into his mouth and I needed about 4 hands to hold him, my breast and both his hands. So we had some challanges getting him to latch on at first too. What helped for me was two things. First as he got frustrated he started to cry-I would immediately shove my breast in his mouth when he opened up to cry. Also I would kind of leverage my nipple into his mouth. so I would gently push down on his lower jaw with the bottom part of my breast then leverage the rest of my nipple into his mouth while squeezing my breast with my hand into kind of a C shape. Hard to describe but I hope you get the idea. These links have some more info.

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    Do you experience the pain only after feeding? If so, could it be Raynauds/vasospasm? I had this when my DS was about 4 months old and it HURTS bad. Took five weeks to get an accurate diagnosis. Was treated for thrush and mastitis before someone finally figured it out. Almost quit bf'ing because of it, the pain was that bad. Check out these links:



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