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Thread: No clue what is going wrong :(

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    He prefers the breast more and also the breast milk in the bottle rather than formula. Right now i just started giving him like 5 oz of formula if he still fussy after having the breast and if im low at the time. He would drink it all if he's really hungry or he would only drink 2 oz of it. If it's breast milk in the bottle he'll drink the whole bottle with no problem and still will take the breast if i offered it. The only time i supplement with formula is at night right before bed if he's not satisfied from the breast. and that happens maybe 3 days out of the week. 10 sounds like a good time to pump not tonight since he just nursed and gone to sleep hehe.

    You know that could be so true about him just being distracted all the time. It can be the slightest noise and he would jump up and turn all kind of ways. when he was born I pretty much got my milk the next day, he was a c section also. He wasn't that great at nursing i guess b/c he was 4 weeks early and when we got home he was a little jaundice for the first month, but after that he did it like a pro. He went from 6lbs 10 oz to 11lbs that first month. My supply was very big at first i used to pump 4-5oz out of each breast when we got him home, and it gradually went down to 2-3.5 oz each pump session i used to pump twice a day. If I did it more than that I would have to supplement for one feeding b/c there wasn't enough milk in them.

    I use the same prefold diapers on my daughter and her's doesn't smell after a wet diaper so it must mean he needs some water, I will try the cup thing and see if that can get him to drink some.
    And with nursing him he sure does nurse very well while half sleep, I usually lay down while nursing him even during the day so I can catch a nap with him while my daughter is sleep too. When we are out I nurse him in my ergo so he's close and covered still, but in a chair he looks all over the place so I try not to nurse him like that often.
    If there really isn't a problem with my supply then I must be overreacting and paranoid about it sorry for that, I just dont want to give the formula at all if i can improve in any way. And thank you girls for so much help and advice really helping me out on this

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    The one thing guaranteed to kill a breastfeeding relationship is unwarranted fear about supply. And it's very rare for a mother who is nursing on demand to actually have a supply problem, especially at 7 months. If you were working and needed to pump at work, sure, I can see having difficulty pumping enough for his daycare needs. But if you're with him, it's just very unlikely, especially if this is something just emerging after all this time.

    I just really hate to see a mom worrying about supply needlessly, because it is almost never an issue but it is the number one reason why people end up stopping breastfeeding and formula feeding, this fear about supply. And some docs will stoke that fear for no reason.

    Kids at this age are very distractible. Offer often. I will get down on the floor and play with my son, and will offer to nurse him lying down in the midst of the toys, and he'll usually take me up on it (and idly whack me with whatever toy comes to hand). We offer a sippy with water with dinner.

    Babies will usually take more from a bottle, because it's easier, different, whatever. 5 oz is way too much for supplementation, and I'd just drop the formula, there's really no need.

    Try to be confident, mama, and get the formula out of the house.
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