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Thread: Wisdom teeth removal and a nursling

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*m.mangai View Post
    Unfortunately this is not an option at this point of time. I'm seeing a dental surgeon not regular denstist to remove them since this is ingrown and affecting the other molar

    Maybe they do it differently in different areas.. I saw a dental surgeon too and mine were also ingrown and growing sideways. You should have the option of just getting gas and a local. It's quicker, safer, and there are no worries with nursing. IMO it was worth it, otherwise I hope it all works out for you and your LO!
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    Default Re: Wisdom teeth removal and a nursling

    I got my wisdom tooth extracted .I didn't get any IV/any sedation .I did fine. So I'm going to see how the night time nursing is going to be.I hope she sleeps better than waking up every 2 hours.


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    Good for you! Just remember to ice!
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    Default Re: Wisdom teeth removal and a nursling

    They are required by law to "inform" you what medication they are using.
    And as stated by previous posters, the effects of the sedation they give you will (if it is still in your milk even) be at a safe level for you to nurse as soon as YOU are awake and alert. There should be no need for you to pump and dump.
    And you need to tell their office that you don't appreciate being blown off, and told that you need to pump/dump for 24 hours when they are not certified breastfeeding educators, cannot tell you what medicine they are using, and obviously have not done the research and looked it up in Medications and Mothers Milk by Dr. Hale and you feel that they are not following through and provding the level of care that you and anyone else deserves.

    I work in a hospital. Moms nurse after surgery here. IMMEDIATELY after surgery.
    and yes, Lortab is fine. (Personally it makes me hurl... but its safe. lol)

    Maybe you can educate them, and they will not be giving poor advice to other nursing mommas.

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    Default Re: Wisdom teeth removal and a nursling

    I'm a nurse, and this pump and dump for 24 hours advice is one of my personal pet peeves. They're just trying to cover themselves. I vote you look at kellymom.com. And especially at the general anesthesia advice, which is that it's ok to nurse your baby as soon as you're awake and alert enought to hold her. Pain meds used on a short terma basis should be fine. Don't shun them, because then you'll get into trouble with pain and need bigger doses of medication to get the pain back under control. Use a reasonable dose on a regular basis. My c-section patients usually take Lortab 1 tablet every 4-6 hours, 2 tablets if pain is more severe and ibuprofen every 6 hours around the clock. Now, all this being said, this is not medical advice from me to you, it's just an example of one way that post op mamas can control pain while nursing a baby. Hale's rocks. But kellymom has that info condensed, so try there too. Good luck to you!
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