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Thread: Catnaps and grazing 4 week old

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    Default Catnaps and grazing 4 week old

    This is my first post, normally I find answers without having to post; thank you for this valuable resource!!!

    Anyhow, my 4 week old baby girl is wonderful and rarely cries or screams (except when I don't get the boob out fast enough!)

    BUT my conundrum is this. She nurses for 15 minutes, naps for 15 minutes (only in my arms though! RARELY in the bassinet, crib or pack n play....), then wants to play for 15 minutes. Overnight I swear she has become so active and talkative!

    I'm so worn out though. My worries are that she's grazing and using the nipple as a pacifier out of boredom because she will just put the nipple in her mouth and mess with it or go right to sleep with it in her mouth (she loves to play with daddy! But when she's anywhere near me, she only wants on the breast, won't play with me as much. I'm fun too, we can do more than just nurse!!! ) Earlier I tried to put her in the Baby Bjorn but she would just scream/headbutt my breasts and want to eat.

    My other concern is that she seems to be getting increasingly cranky and over-tired. I can verify that *I'm* certainly not getting any sleep, I don't think she is either.

    And honestly I would love an hour or two without nursing. My boobs hurt and I want to read the newspaper! I've considered trying to institute a little bit of a schedule, just so she will actually eat a whole meal and have a whole nap. But I know she's still really little ...

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    **Edited to add that for the first couple weeks, she would fall asleep at the breast and it was a major struggle to get her to have a whole meal.
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    Default Re: Catnaps and grazing 4 week old

    Those first many weeks can be rough! It seems like all they want to do is be attached to your boob But it does get MUCH better. When she is getting sleepy nursing, try to bug her a bit. Tickle her feet, make sure she's not wrapped up in a blanket, tickle her neck, etc. Do you nurse both sides at a feeding? You could try to switch sides a few times as well to keep her awake and nursing. Those first many weeks can be a struggle with constant nursing and random sleeping patterns, but I promise it does get better. It won't be like this forever! She will figure out her own schedule and so will you Keep up the good work Momma! You're doing great!

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    Oh, how exhausting! I don't know if it helps when you're so tired, but what you're describing is pretty normal.

    If you want to try wearing her while you do other things, she might be more comfortable in a sling or wrap rather than the Baby Bjorn. There's a whole subforum on Babywearing here; I'm sure the ladies there would be happy to give you some recommendations.

    Are you able to nurse lying down? Have you tried letting her nurse while you nap? It might be a good way for both of you to get a little more sleep.

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