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Thread: Will using Cabbage Leaves work?

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    No. I don't. But I bet the first women to figure it out was a Farmers Wife. I was thinking "How did we ever figure this out?" AND my hypothesis is that some poor women was put back out in the garden to pick crops weeks after birth and harvesting cabbage affected her supply. And she told two friends and then someone ELSE noticed it...and finally someone wanted to STOP milk production and someone else said "Well if just being around all this cabbage affects supply, what would happen if you actually put it right against the boob???" And there you have it. An old Wives tale is born.
    Just like....who figured out that too much Vitamin C will make you miscarry?

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    I never thought about how they figured it out. My grandma told me about it, she was a midwife in England after the war. I guess it was just common knowledge at that point, but you're right it had to start somewhere...

    Eating cabbage doesn't affect your supply does it?
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    Learn something new everyday. I never knew that, and when I read Heather's OP, I thought for sure, the dr was full of bull crap. Wonder why it would have that effect. So strange!
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