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    okay, so i have a 13 month old girl who nurses wonderfully but will not sleep with out me! she did sleep in her crib with no problem but for whatever reason she will no longer. Its been about 2-3 weeks. If you try to put her down for nap or bed, she wakes up the second you put her in, cries, and then VOMITS! It does not matter the time of day or if she just ate.... she vomits. I don't know what to do!

    Help! Thoughts???
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    I dont' know about the vomiting but I know my 14 mo old would not sleep or nap without me either. She likes snuggling and knowing Mommy is right there. I don't really see it as a problem. Maybe she just needs some extra security right now because of life changes and growing up. They change so much so fast and I know a lot of people say babies sleep changes when they learn a big new skill such as walking.
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    My daughter is doing a variation of this same thing. She's also 13 months. She doesn't do it at nap time but at night. She'll lay down okay at the beginning of the night but the first time she gets up she doesn't want to let me go. We take her to bed, and she sleeps great! I don't know why, but it's comforting to know someone else is doing the same.
    A friend told me it could be an insecurity thing or she's about to have a "developmental milestone." It's only been 4-5 days for me though.
    It's definitely rough.

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    My LO 1y has been this way from the get go. She will sleep in her crib if I put her down alseep but when she wakes up she screams bloody murder. She will not stay in it. So most nights she sleeps with us in our bed for the majority of the night otherwise I am up and down every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. She is also in a stage where if she thinks I am leaving without her she falls apart. It's all just part of baby not wanting mommy to go away.
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    this has been happening with us too. i'm pretty sure ds vomits because of the crying (granted he's only done this a few times). he naps fine during the day, but bedtime has been a a battle. my dh travels a lot. when he is not home, it's just easier for ds to sleep with me and nurse when he wants. but when he is home, i'd rather him sleep in his crib. the inconsistancy is probably the root of the issue, i know this...but sometimes he'll nurse himself to sleep and i can unlatch him and will hold him for a bit before i lay him down, as soon as he hits the mattress he screams! and will refuse to lay down. sometimes it seems he just wants my nipple in his mouth. he's not eating and will refuse a pacifier. this was our battle last week. this week i've tried to nurse him until he is almost asleep (but not quite) and put him to bed. he screams his head off. most people on here will disagree with me, but i let him CIO. i left him for 5 minutes, checked on him rubbed his back and left, after 3 more minutes of crying he was asleep. i know this doesn't work for everyone, and lots of people don't think it's right...but i know he's not hungry, i know he's exhausted, i think he needs to learn to fall asleep on his own. it's hard to listen to him cry. also, he hasn't been waking until around 5 or 5:30 am. i used to go in as soon as i heard a peep and nurse him...lately, i've let him cry (i check the time and won't let him go more than 5 minutes) he's usually back to sleep in less than 3. next time he wakes (around 6) i'll go get him, wait until he does the sign for milk, and then nurse him. this is our new routine, and it seems to be working for us. hopefully, the crying at bedtime will pass. but for now i plan on letting him cio and be consistant. and give him lots of love before bedtime.
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    My 1yo cosleeps so nights aren't an issue, but I have the same problem as you if I am around when it is time for her to take a nap. No one else (daycare, big brother, dad) have any problem laying her down and she goes right to sleep - NOT ME!! If I am within sniffing distance, she throws a righteous fit. I don't know what advice to give, I just lay down with Mollie and let her nurse herself to sleep. I figure once she outgrows it, I'll wish to have it back.
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