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Thread: 23 Pound Five-Month-Old!

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    My daughter is five months old and weighed only 6 lbs, 6 ounces at birth. She now weighs 23 pounds!

    I cannot get clothes that fit her properly! Twelve month sizes are too tight and anything bigger is way too long!

    I do love my little fatty, but any suggestions as to how to clothe her would be greatly appreciated.

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    She sounds perfect! It's likely she'll slow down a lot after 6 months. I feel your pain on the clothes. We just had to put DS2 in pants that were too long. He was in 18 mo clothes by 6 months and at almost 11 months he is still in them and it seems like he will be for awhile yet. He is growing into the length now and they aren't as tight in the waist as he thins out.

    I always say I wish they made husky boys baby clothes. Nothing fit him right at that age.

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    Can you buy shirts that can work as dresses? Roll pants up?
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    Yep, we had the same problem! But after porking up big time, Joe has gained less than ten pounds in the ten months since he was six months old (but he's still in the 75th % for weight!), and has legthened and skinnied out to fit all of those 18 months clothes that were way too long on him before!

    I liked American Apparel karate style infants' pants, because they are big in the butt and short in the leg (also good if you do cloth diapers).

    I seriously considered hemming my baby's pants for a while! But it seemed like too much work, so I just let him swim in them. But I feel your pain!

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