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    So I know when a baby is on formula they switch to cow's milk around the one year mark. Is this true for a bf baby too? I still intend on bfeeding after one but do I have to give her cow's milk too?

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    At the one year mark, you can introduce cow's milk. But as long as your baby is nursing 3-5 times a day, you don't need to serve cow's milk. And if you do introduce it but your baby doesn't like it, you don't need to worry.

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    I do not introduce cow's milk as a beverage until a little later. We do introduce it in foods around 1 year though. At 15 mths DS3 is only getting water out of a sippy because he nurses 8-10 times a day on the weekends and 6-8 on the weekdays. he's a "snacker"

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    DD is almost 18 months and has no cows milk at all. She nurses at least 8 times a day and then several overnight, so I am not worried. I see no need to give my baby cows milk! I guess when babies are FF they can switch, but we dont need to if our babies are getting our milk several times a day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*dara View Post
    great question
    It is a great question and I wanted to add that you never have to give cows milk ... it's a dietary choice. It's a convenient way to get certain things into humans... but there are plenty of other ways to meet the need of the growing child without giving cows milk or other dairy products.
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    I have offered LO 1y milk but she doesnt like it much so I dont push it she likes mommy's better and thats just wonderful for me.
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    dr sears has a good page on his web site about intoducing cows milk...



    I've been feeding my baby iron-fortified formula. When is it okay to switch to whole cow's milk? Research comparing cow's milk and formula-fed infants during the first year of life has shown that cow's milk is irritating to the intestines of a tiny infant, causing infants to lose a tiny bit of blood in their stools, contributing to iron deficiency anemia. There is very little iron in cow's milk anyway, and the iron that is there is poorly absorbed. Concern about iron-deficiency anemia has led the American Academy of Pediatrics, backed by solid research, to discourage the use of cow's milk in children under one year of age. One of America's top pediatric hematologists (blood specialist), the late Dr. Frank Oski , Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkin University (and co-author of a book entitled: Don't Drink Your Milk) advised parents to be cautious and not rush into the use of cow's milk, even during the second year of life. At present it would seem prudent to continue giving your baby iron-fortified formula during the second year of life and very gradually wean him to dairy products, beginning with yogurt. If your toddler generally has a balanced diet and routine hemoglobin tests show that he is not even close to being anemic, then switch from formula to whole milk sometime during the second year, but don't be in a hurry

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    DD is almost 14 months old and I haven't introduced cow's milk at all. I use expressed breatmilk in cooking and let her breastfeed on demand. Which she does, a lot.
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    My son just turned 1 last week. He still breastfeeds about 5-9 times a day and takes sips of water from an actual cup when he shows interest. I wasn't planning on introducing cows milk itself for several more months.
    I do however, let him eat cows milk products now.. like yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese etc. I hadn't been doing that but it prob would have been fine.. i'm just particular.

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